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Hillary: Jilted Lover

The long and sometimes painful love affair between the Clintons and the national Democratic Party has finally come to a bitter end after 16 not-so-glorious years.  In the center of this separation is the jilted senator from New York, standing on the stage wondering why she didn’t get the crown. 

The love affair began in 1992 when the Clintons made their meteoric rise to power from Arkansas to become the “Camelot of the 1990s”.  Bill had his charismatic ways, out front and speaking the words people wanted to hear, and Hillary her strong, smart and capable foundation carrying them along.

They could do no wrong in the eyes of Democrats or their party.  A health care slip here, gays in the military there, Whitewater somewhere else, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky — it didn’t matter.  They were as Teflon as President Reagan any day and their party faithful filled the airwaves in defense of the golden couple.

In 2000, when the Clinton dynasty ended with the election of George W. Bush — and not Al Gore — they became the Democrats’ “royal family.” 

Bill traveled the world charging outlandish prices for his speaking engagements and, of course, wrote a memoir.  

Meanwhile, unable to live without a Clinton in power, the national Democratic Party carpet-bagged Sen. Clinton to a state she had never resided and had her elected as New York’s other Democratic senator.

It was from this platform over the past four years that the idea of “President Hillary Clinton” went from myth, to rumor to, well, almost, reality.  “Run, Hillary, Run” bumper-stickers began to show up on cars in the Washington DC area in 2005.

As it now stands, in the second time in the public eye, we have seen Hillary become a jilted lover.  There she stands, wondering what happened.  She was faithful, she stood her ground, and yet her lover cheated.  This time, it wasn’t with some gal from Alabama or an intern from California — it was with a charismatic young senator from Illinois.

It is almost sad to see the shock and disbelief on the Clintons’ faces.  They had been called and courted and the limo reserved to take them to their second coronation.  How could the Democrats live without the Clintons?  In the end, the limo ride was long, but it never made it to the castle.

Had she been elected, it would have been an interesting presidency.  She would have no doubt remembered all those who “abandoned” her and turned their backs on her.  There must have been an ever-growing list, and the war room was checking it twice (a day).  The relationship between Hillary and the Democratic Party could have been painful: now it will be positively torturous.  

In the late 90’s, the country and the world watched and wondered how the First Lady would handle the public indiscretions of her husband.  Would she leave him, punish him, divorce him, what would she do?  She chose to be faithful and stay with him, lumps and all.  It is that consistent and strong decision that has kept them together all these years.

So with similar strength, Hillary did not bow out of this race.  She saw her lover, the Democratic Party, start “cheating” with that guy from Illinois.  And of course, she did what she always did in the past.  She chose to be faithful and not give up on the relationship.  She fought to stay and stood her ground.

Unfortunately for Hillary, this time her man is gone.

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David Nammo serves as Executive Director of FRCAction, the legislative advocacy arm of Family Research Council.

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