The Democrat Party Psychic Delegate Selection Network

The Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee met this week to decide whether or not to count the votes of Americans in Florida and Michigan in this year’s national convention tally.

As it turns out, they decided that they would only count half the votes in these states, apparently because the people there are only half-American.  No wait, the real reason is that the Democratic Party doesn’t like the day that Florida and Michigan chose to vote on and so to punish these states for daring to decide their election dates for themselves, the Democrats will disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of innocent voters.

But what’s even worse than the votes the committee threw away are the votes it just made up and added to the totals.

You read that right. In the case of Michigan (where Barack Obama decided to withdraw his name from the ballot back when he thought all the votes from that state would be thrown out), the committee decided that some of the people would have voted for Obama had he not run away to save face and money, and so they just made up a number for how many that would have been and changed the delegate totals to reflect their psychic intuition.

So not only are the Democrats of Michigan being given only half the voting power of other Americans, but the half-vote they have is being reassigned for them based on the psychic ability of the party elite (meeting behind closed doors of course) to divine what those silly Michiganders and Michigeese really meant.

The DNC Psychic friends decided on the number 29.5.  That’s how many delegates –equivalent to hundreds of thousands of second-class half-voters — that Obama was given, based on super-accurate exit polls, intuition, guesswork and which candidate each member of the committee secretly supports.  Based on the decisions of a handful of powerful insiders, Obama went from 0 to 46% of the Michigan vote – now that’s a change we can believe in!  Hillary was awarded the remaining 54% of the half-votes based on the strange fact that a bunch of people actually voted for her.

This “making up who they really should have voted for” system was instantly hailed as a huge advance over “democracy” by many professional politicians, who for years have had deep reservations about the wisdom of letting voters (or even half-voters) decide these things.

A notable exception to the widespread praise for the psychic election was Clinton supporter Harold Ickes, who commented during the voter-intention séance, “This motion will hijack — hijack — remove four delegates won by Hillary Clinton."  Ickes added, "This body of 30 individuals has decided that they’re going to substitute their judgment for 600,000 voters."

Keep in mind that Obama was not kept off the ballot.  He voluntarily chose to remove his name from the Michigan ballot because he thought the then vote-less people of that state were expendable to his victory strategy.  He was unlikely to win Michigan anyway, so he withdrew to avoid the embarrassment.  Now he’s in charge of the Democratic Party, so his supporters are just going back and revising the election results in his favor.

Giving some Americans whole votes and others half-votes, then reassigning votes to whomever is in charge of the Party at the time — you can really see why this party claims to be so “Democratic.”


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