Obama's Pfleas

In 2004, Barack Obama gave an interview to the Chicago Sun-Times in which he listed the Rev. Michael Pfleger as a spiritual advisor.  Obama said Pfleger helps him “keep that compass set.”  It’s probably a good idea to examine that relationship.

We know now that in 2001, Barack Obama secured $225,000.00 worth of earmarks for Rev. Pfleger’s church.  At the same time, Pfleger, a Catholic priest, had become a high end donor to Obama’s political campaign. 

In 2003, the man who helps Obama keep his “compass set” had the pleasure of introducing Harry Belafonte to a Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration in Chicago.  Sean D. Hamill with the Chicago Tribune captured Bellafonte’s remarks.  “Belafonte not only stood by controversial remarks he made in October when he likened Secretary of State Colin Powell to a slave who had sold out his principles for the privilege of living in his master’s house, but he also took the criticism a step further.”  Belafonte blamed the United States for the 9/11 attacks and said both Powell and Condoleeza Rice were “hurting the cause of black America.”

One year later Obama claimed Pfleger helped him keep his compass set.  Since then Pfleger has railed against Hillary Clinton and declared that America is “the greatest sin against God.”

In 2006, Obama met with Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, and a few other pastors from the Chicago area to “assure his base that they haven’t been left behind.”  Instead of focusing on the Gospel, Obama told those pastors that the church’s focus had to be on “economic development.”  That leads me to some speculation, but it is speculation some enterprising reporter could probably latch on to with results.

I have spent the better part of a decade actively running political races.  Over the past five years I have run several non-partisan races and races for local Democrats in Georgia.  The first piece of advice I always give the non-partisan candidates and Democrats is to go immediately to the black churches.  Unions and business leaders come second. 

In campaigns, candidates go into the heart of the community to seek votes and dollars.  In the black community, church is the heart of the community.  To get to the congregation, one must get past the pastor.  While the media and IRS would go nuts if a Republican campaigned from the pulpit and passed the hat in a white church, it happens more often than not in a black church.  Just as no one raised a stink when Obama sent $225,000.00 of taxpayer dollars to Reverend Pfleger’s church, no one would raise a stink about church campaigning, except right now during an internally divisive Democratic primary.

I know the hat gets passed in churches.  We’ve seen the videos of Wright and Pfleger making obnoxious statements to further Obama’s candidacy from their congregation.  What we have not seen is these two pastors influencing their congregation to give money to Obama.  If they have not done so, they would be rare exceptions among politically active black churches.  And I write from personal experience.

Perhaps that, not a Michelle Obama “blame whitey” video, is the next shoe to drop.  Of course, while we’re waiting for that shoe to drop, we should pay attention to this story.  In 1996, Barack Obama sought the endorsement of the “New Party,” a “Marxist political coalition whose objective was to endorse and elect leftist public officials … thereby setting the stage for the eventual rise of [a] new Marxist third party.”  I’m going to keep digging on that one.


New Mexico holds its legislative primaries today.  Of interest will be the race in State Senate District 26. Pete Hershberger, the incumbent, is being challenged by Al Melvin.  Melvin opposes benefits for illegal aliens while Hershberger supports them.

More troubling though is Republican National Committeewoman Christine Olson, from Pennsylvania no less, involving herself in the race to get Hershberger re-elected.  She co-hosted a Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona fundraiser for Hershberger.  In fact, Hershberger has been well funded by out of district liberal interest groups who fear Al Melvin’s potential election.


Minnesota Democrats are in an uproar over Al Franken.  In addition to his failure to pay income taxes in California and his failure to pay workers compensation insurance in New York, the Minnesota Republicans have uncovered a very explicit article he wrote for Playboy.  Franken has been wholly unapologetic, but several Democrats in Minnesota are now publicly expressing concerns that Franken could drag down the whole party.

Even more troubling is Franken’s New York fine over his workers compensation matter.  Franken originally blamed the doorman at his apartment building for signing for certified mail from the state and never giving it to Franken.  In fact, the certified mail receipt showed the doorman’s signature.  Unfortunately for Franken, reporters caught up with the doorman and he denies ever having signed for the mail.


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