Missourians Reject Obama's Brand of Radical Liberalism

I’m sure the delegates to the state party convention will agree with me that it became exceedingly clear last week that Barack Obama is not only wrong for Missouri but also for the majority of Americans. The cold hard facts support my assertion during Obama’s visit to my hometown of Cape Girardeau that he will be “the hardest-left candidate ever nominated for President of the United States by either of our major parties.”

Strictly speaking, Barack Obama’s calls for oppressive tax increases would hurt hard-working Missourian families already struggling with out-of-control health care costs and higher gas prices. Missourians understand that in order to keep our economy growing as it has over the last several years under Republican leadership, we need to keep Barack Obama out of our pocketbooks. For most Missourians, Barack Obama’s belief that the solution to every problem is bigger government and more government is abhorrent.
Missourians are fiercely anti-tax and fiercely independent.

Fear of Tax Increases

As I visit communities across the Show Me State, people fear a Democratic agenda that will bring with it job-killing tax increases and other economic policies that will cripple the economic vitality of our state. Barack Obama wants to increase income taxes, boost Social Security taxes while also seeking higher investment taxes and higher corporate taxes that would cripple the economic engine that powers our state and our country. These tax increases would also pay for Obama’s called-for massive new domestic spending, including a $1.3 trillion plan to socialize medicine.

The policies of Barack Obama seem at times to pale in comparison to the offensive comments he aims from liberal bastions at those in the Heartland of our great country. It was not too long ago that Barack Obama, surrounded by radical supporters in San Francisco, claimed that Missourians and other hard-working Americans were clinging to our faith and our 2nd Amendment rights because we are bitter. Is this the kind of class bigotry that Barack Obama will represent? Are we going to see more cases in which wealthy liberals mock the millions of Americans who actually believe in standing by their God and country? There is no other rational answer to these questions than an emphatic“Yes.”

Obama Endorsed by NARAL

During my time in the Missouri Senate, there was strong bipartisan support in our state for banning the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion, and yet Missourians are being asked to support Barack Obama, who was recently endorsed by the abortionists at NARAL Pro-Choice America. The majority of Missourians have made it clear that they support the rights of the unborn and yet Obama clearly does not.

The Missouri tide that is rising against Barack Obama is even being acknowledged by the liberals at the New York Times. This bastion of liberal thought and journalism recently refused to acknowledge Missouri’s status as a bellwether state, despite our knack over the last 100-plus years of picking Presidents. The Times has clearly concluded that a liberal such as Barack Obama cannot win Missouri, and from where many of us in Missouri are standing, they are probably right, for Missouri but also for the majority of Americans.