Hamas Loves Obama For a Reason

A few weeks ago, the chief political strategist for Hamas, Ahmed Yousef, expressed delight bordering on glee at the idea that Barack Obama might be America’s next president. 
"Actually, we like Mr. Obama," he said.  "We hope he will [win] the election."
Sensing the disaster in this, the forces of liberalism that Must Protect Barry at All Costs, rallied to his defense, intimidating anyone who might raise the fact that one of the world’s most lethal terrorist groups has just endorsed him.  Nobody, they intoned, should point this out.  Pointing it out is below the belt.
John McCain, war hero, patriot, lover of America, candidate for president, had the audacity to point it out, and Democrats jumped all over him.  Not appropriate, they said. Unseemly, they wagged.  Obama himself used his best stealth tactic of shaking his head in disapproval "more in sorrow than in anger: "I thought Senator McCain pledged to run a positive campaign,” he said wistfully.  His wingmen, like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, attacked McCain for behaving in an unbecoming manner for bringing it up.  And Jon Stewart took care of the pop culture side, by berating McCain for raising the Hamas endorsement as McCain sat on his couch, trying to be a polite guest.
There can be only one of two  reasons Barry got Hamas’s endorsement: is it because Hamas believes he is sympathetic to them, ot that they think he’s so naive and inexperienced that they can run circles around him?  Obama has said he "understands" the Palestinians’ position.  He schmoozes with Rashid Khalidi, a “professor” (formerly of the University of Chicago, where Barry and Michelle socialized with him, including over dinner at Chez Khalidi), now at Columbia University.  Khalidi is on record calling Israel a “racist” state with an “apartheid” system and has had ties to the PLO.  (Khalidi should not be confused with Jimmy Carter, though they do sound much alike). Obama has sat by Khalidi’s side as Khalidi has made some outrageously anti-Israel comments, with nary a peep of opposition.
Obama didn’t back away from the efforts of his big cheerleader, Jimmy “My Name is Earl” Carter, when Carter blundered stupidly into talks with Hamas.  Until it dawned on Obama that he might need a big chunk of the Jewish vote to get elected, and then he “distanced” himself from Carter’s Hamas lap dance.
Obama has said he wouldn’t negotiate directly with Hamas, but two weeks ago, he had to cut loose a major foreign policy adviser, Robert Malley, for doing just that. 
But don’t question his patriotism!
He comes from Muslim parentage, at least on his father’s side, and we’re not supposed to wonder why Hamas would prefer Barack Hussein Obama to John Sidney McCain?
Meanwhile, not wanting to let Hamas hog the spotlight, Fidel Castro (still kickin’!) gave Obama a big, wet kiss this week.  In a column for Cuban newspapers, he wrote that Obama was "the most progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency."  (“Progressive” is Communist code for, well, Communist.)  Castro also criticized Obama for saying he’d continue the trade embargo against Cuba, but ole Fidel went on to say, "I am not questioning Obama’s great intelligence, his debating skills, or his work ethic." 
Sounds like Fidel — like the thugs in Hamas — is packing his bags for a Love Boat cruise with Barry. 
But don’t question his patriotism!
You just know that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is pulling his hair out that these killers are stealing his thunder.  Memo to junior clerics: find out what the New York Times is charging these days for a full page ad.  Hugo Chavez must be investigating the costs of skywriting so he can declare his adoration for Barry from 20,000 feet.  And Kim Jong Il must be illin’ at the thought of the Islamists and the ancient Commie murderer edging him out of the endorsement game.
But perhaps they’re smarter.  If they keep their lips zipped and don’t tip their hand, the Americans just might fall victim to a collective wave of idiocy and elect the 98 pound weakling who can’t wait to make ‘Smores around the campfire with them.  Because, you know, who can resist a ‘Smore?
When your enemies tell you who they are, believe them.  When they tell you what they intend to do, believe them. And when they tell you which of your presidential candidates they’d prefer, believe them.  They’re not pulling your leg.  (They only do that when it comes to reporting their nuclear activities.)
When America’s enemies prefer the Clueless Hope Guy to the Bona fide War Hero, it shouldn’t take a neurosurgeon to figure out for whom responsible Americans should vote.