Untied Against Homeskooled Kidz

Both California and Tennessee have done their best to shut down the home school movement in the past year.  First California made it illegal to home school children unless the person teaching the child could show grade level certification.  Then Tennessee’s Board of Education ruled that diplomas from home school affiliated organizations were invalid to show proof of high school graduation.

Now, Subway has gotten involved.  The sandwich restaurant chain is holding a competition called “Every Sandwich Tells a Story.”  Children can win prizes for their schools.  But, the rules state, “Contest is open only to legal residents of the Untied States who are currently over the age of 18 and have children who attend elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted.” [Emphasis added]

Given the rate at which homeschooled children win the national spelling bee, perhaps Subway should have let a third grade home schooled student proof read its rules.  In addition to spelling “united” as “untied,” the prizes included a “gift bastket” in lieu of a “gift basket.”

As Home Education Magazine notes, “The presumed rationale for the exclusion is that the grand prize is athletic equipment for a school and that “home schools” aren’t organized schools and that the equipment is intended for a community, not a family.”  But there are two additional issues worth pointing out.

First, to echo Home Education Magazine, the anti-home school agenda in this country has been very successful at pushing the idea that children are not part of the community unless they are part of an organized government funded school.  The prizes could just as easily have had appropriate alternatives for home-schooled children.

Second, many home-school students affiliate with a group of home-school students for sports, tutoring, and general interaction.  It is very common for home-school students to get together for classroom style instruction and planned events.  Subway’s prizes would continue to be appropriate for such organizations, and would help those organizations. But Subway would rather disqualify a whole group of students whose parents have chosen education over indoctrination.


A few weeks ago I said Barack Obama is either stupid or willfully ignorant.  I have decided he is the former.. 

Speaking to a crowd in Sunrise, FL, Barack Obama repeatedly referenced the city as Sunshine.  This came on the heels of calling Sioux Falls, SD “Sioux City.”  Added to that are Obama’s claims that 10,000 people died due to tornados in Kansas, there are 57 states, his birth was a by-product of the marches in Selma (Selma happened several years after his birth), Afghans speak arabic, etc., etc., etc.

The campaign trail is a grueling experience.  Candidates have the potential for foot-in-mouth disease at every rally.  The media should note, but won’t, that Obama has a chronic, systematic problem with exaggerating, getting his facts wrong, and getting lost.  One would think John McCain was the younger man in the race given the fewer gaffes he makes.

The irony is that the left has spent eight years mocking George W. Bush as an ignorant gaffe machine.  Increasingly, Barack Obama is willing to be the left’s version of George W. Bush.

And now some news from around the states that the mainstream media won’t cover:


Colorado allows citizen initiatives.  One of the initiatives moving forward is the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative, which would ask voters to approve the following language: “The state shall not discriminate against or grant preferential treatment to any group or individual on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public contracting, or public education.”

Venita Vinson, a “social justice” activist and chief of staff to former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, has complained that she was misled into signing the petition for the initiative.  Face the State, a Colorado blog that performs brilliant investigative journalism, quotes Vinson admitted she was not actually misled, she just did not read the petition.  This comes on the heels of “diversity activist” Dara Burwell claiming she was deceived into signing the petition.  Ms. Burwell, despite her claim, will not actually file a complaint against the petition movement.

The Colorado Civil Rights Initiative would end affirmative action programs in the state.  The left, through lies, screams, and lawsuits cannot stand to have its pet victimology programs overturned by the citizenry.


Barack Obama claims to have no lobbyists on his campaign and he has repeatedly attacked McCain for being too close to lobbyists.  But what of Obama’s chief strategist, David Axelrod?

The Illinois GOP Network notes that two years ago Commonwealth Edison wanted to raise its utility rates.  The power company created a new group called “Consumers for Reliable Energy,” or CORE, and ran commercials scaring residents with the threat of a California style power outage if power rates did not go up. 

CORE was the brainchild of ASK Public Strategies.  While you may never have heard of that firm, its senior partner was David Axelrod.  Axelrod, of course, told Newsweek that he personally never lobbied anyone.