Obama Whines Again

Barack Obama wants the media, the Tennessee GOP and everyone else to “lay off his wife.”

Obama told ABC’s Good Morning America on May 19, 2008 that “If they [the GOP] think that they’re going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign, they should be careful because that I find unacceptable, the notion that you start attacking my wife or my family.”

But the problem Obama has is that his wife is out there, a surrogate speaker in his campaign, saying a lot of things Americans find almost as offensive as what his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, said in church for decades. Obama admitted that Wright was a legitimate issue. So why isn’t what his wife says on the campaign trail? In truth, she is.

Unless Obama can stop his wife from saying things on the campaign trail that deserve criticism, he cannot reasonably ask Americans to disregard what she says.

In Bill and Hillary, we had a “co-presidency.” Obama, like the dutiful husband, always brags of his wife’s influence on him. So if the Obama family is offering another “twofer” deal like the Clintons did, why shouldn’t Michelle O. — her beliefs, her statements and her political commitments — be looked at as closely as we have looked at Hillary’s since 1992?

Michelle Obama has made herself an issue by constantly attacking America. Perhaps she should be more careful with her choice of words. Telling American’s you’ve never felt pride until your forty fifth year on earth says the civil rights movement, and all its achievements, meant nothing to you. It says the Berlin Wall coming down was insignificant to you, that the downfall of communism was not worth mentioning, Saddam Hussein’s removal was inconsequential, taking down the Taliban was trivial, and Iraqi’s voting in free elections is irrelevant.

The Tennessee GOP simply exercised its right to free speech with an ad showing Michelle Obama’s very own anti-American remarks last February to Wisconsin voters in which she proclaimed she had not felt proud to be an American until that February Fonda moment.
The Tennessee GOP ad features proud Tennesseans speaking out on their life-long pride for America in a four minute YouTube video that is not going over well with Obama who labeled it “Low class.”

That’s not far off the mark of what Obama basically called the proud people of Pennsylvania when he essentially described them as bitter God-gunning Bible boobs.
It’s acceptable for Barry Obama to insult America, and it’s fine with the Senator if his wife trashes America as a callous country despite America giving Michelle Obama the best Ivy League educations and high paying jobs. But Heaven forbid the GOP giving the Obamas what democracy — the small “d” democracy — serves up for every pol.

If Barry Obama does not want anyone talking about his wife’s nasty anti-American comments, Obama should bar his wife from the campaign stage. If Obama does not want the GOP discussing everything Michelle Obama froths out, then Obama should stop her from saying things that are more than a little controversial.

Since that’s as unlikely as Bill Clinton being faithful to his wife, Obama had better get used to the fact many Americans see through him and his unpatriotic wife and their unholy alliances with anti-American race-baiters and radical former terrorist bombers.

What Americans owe each other is a patriotic president with a wife who has no intention of following in Hillary Clinton’s over-bearing, politically grasping, West Wing-climbing steps.