Top 10 High Tax States

Every year, the Tax Foundation helps America celebrate Tax Freedom Day, when Americans have finally earned enough to start keeping their paychecks. This year, that national day fell on April 23. Breaking it down by state, depending on how high state taxes are, means some states celebrate earlier than others. Last week we listed the 10 states that — due to lower state taxes — celebrate their state Tax Freedom Days the earliest.

This week we list the top 10 states, the ones that impose the highest total taxes and therefore have the latest Tax Freedom Days in the nation. Joining them is the District of Columbia.

1. Connecticut
May 8

2. New Jersey
May 7

3. Washington, D.C.
May 3

4. New York
May 5

5. California
April 30

6. Washington
April 29

7. Maryland, Massachusetts
April 28

8. Minnesota
April 27

9. Florida, Hawaii, Nevada
April 26

10. Virginia
April 25