Clinton Campaign Fights On

Hillary Clinton is mad as hell that she has to fight this long for her assumed and rightful place as the nominee of the Democrat Party for president. People around her cannot believe that the lead she had is gone, the money advantage she had is gone and the experience she brings to the table makes no difference to half the primary voters.  She can’t believe she is in second place with very little hope of winning the nomination.

Mary Matalin, Republican mainstay and wife of Democrat mainstay James Carville, used to think that a good candidate could win out over a bad campaign.  After watching Hillary Clinton’s campaign unravel before her eyes, she’s changed her mind. Even she believed that Hillary was the one to beat.  But with Democrat primary voters increasing by the millions and Obama ahead in the popular vote, earned delegates and now super delegates, it’s pretty testy at Clinton, Inc.

Last week, a Clinton insider finally said what they were all thinking, “How could this guy (Obama) with no experience be where he is today.”  They even raised the question, “Do you think America is ready for a black president?” The worst part for this insider and the Clinton campaign is Obama is presenting himself as the next Jack Kennedy.  

Remember the body-slam that Sen. Lloyd Bentsen used in a debate against Sen. Dan Quayle in 1988? ”Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

Let’s set the record straight on JFK.  He was a congressman and senator for almost 14 years and he was a legitimate World War II hero.   He might have been an unremarkable legislator, but he put the time in on Capitol Hill. The level of experience of Barack Obama is no match for John F. Kennedy.

It will be beautiful to watch Barack “I’ve been a neighborhood organizer for 20 years” Obama go up against John McCain.  John McCain has a 40 year history of upholding his country’s values under the worst circumstances, giving military advice to power at a time when the military was struggling, serving the people of Arizona and championing major issues in America with bipartisan support. I personally don’t like the outcome of some of these “marriages” of views, but you cannot deny McCain’s ability to get things done even if it costs him politically. Obama is dwarfed by the magnitude of it and his only argument will be McCain is old.  

No matter how many college students you register to vote, the biggest voting block in America is over 50.  It is not a very good idea to say they are “losing their bearings.”  It’s just as former Clinton staffer Paul Begala said:  you can’t win an election with only the support of “eggheads and African Americans.”  

The Clinton Campaign is angry at the media.  They say Obama is unvetted and with people like Chris Matthews and Tim Russert in his court, he’s getting a pass on his lack of a record because he gives a good speech.  As far as race goes, Barack Obama is not unqualified because he is a black man; he is unqualified because he lacks experience.  He hasn’t made tough choices and he hasn’t been open to learn from his Senate colleagues.  If he is elected, he will be beholden to the machine of the “elders” of the Democrat Party and he will not be his own man.  And honestly, what exactly does a community organizer do and how does that make you qualified for the most difficult job in the world?

At the risk of being silly, I am a lover of musicals and the furor around Barack Obama reminds me of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, “Evita.”  In one of the songs, the voice of reason says in the last line, “Why try to govern a country when you can become a saint.”  The followers of Obama don’t care if he really can do a good job; just that he sounds and looks good.  Obama even likes to invoke Ronald Reagan.

We knew Ronald Reagan, senator.  He was our friend.  We supported him. And you’re no Ronald Reagan.

What about the “Dream Ticket,” the Obama-Clinton combo?  The Clinton campaign is made up of many of the old names that you’ve come to know and love from the Clinton years. They were convinced that they were going to be back in power.  The bitterness is palpable and they don’t like Obama at all.  The Obama camp –reportedly including Michelle Obama – is opposed to the idea. It’s not going to happen. To be honest, I see many more of Hillary’s people voting for McCain in the fall when she is not the nominee because McCain is closer to Hillary in practice than Obama is.  Does anyone really know what Obama will do if nominated or elected?  Only his record as the most liberal member of the Senate informs us.

As for the Clinton Campaign, they will keep fighting.  It looks like Michigan may be settled but Florida is still out there and Clinton is not giving up until the very end.  Hillary can’t be Vice-President because she isn’t suited to the job and doesn’t want it.  From the Obama point of view, Barack is supposed to be the future; he can’t go back to the past for his number two.  It’s staying fun, for the right anyway.