Outing Travis Childers's Secret Affair With Barack Obama

Travis Childers (D-Miss.) came very close to winning the special election for the first congressional district in Mississippi.  Winning with a half a percent more of the vote would have sealed the deal, but now Childers will face Republican Greg Davis in a runoff one week from today.

Davis has now resorted to tactics which have Childers crying foul.  In this heavily Republican, conservative district, Davis dared to out Childers.  Davis showed all the support Childers has gotten behind the scenes from the Obama campaign.

Team Obama pitched Travis Childers hard.  The campaign encouraged its supporters to contribute to Childers and organized its supporters on the ground into a grassroots effort for Childers.  And active support by Barack Obama is pretty close to the kiss of death in a district like Mississippi One.  The only thing Childers could do was run to the media and cry foul — he denied there was ever an endorsement and denied receiving any help from the campaign.

The Davis campaign was all too happy to respond showing screenshots from the Obama campaign encouraging support for Childers and showing emails from the Obama campaign supporting Childers.

Faced with Davis’s evidence, Childers had to deny his relationship with Obama a second time via commercials.  RedState noted the irony that Childers is taking thousands of dollars from far left Obama activists to run television ads distancing himself from Obama.  As Moe Lane noted, someone needs to get a rooster on standby for Childers’s third denial.

Greg Davis has done a valuable service for the people of Mississippi in showing Childers’s ties to the Obama campaign, and he has done the nation a valuable service showing just how fast a lot of Democrats will run hurriedly in the opposite direction from Obama should he be the nominee.

Obama:Wright = McCain:Hagee?

Poor Frank Rich. He is so desperate for his man Obama to get away from the Rev. Wright controversy, he has stooped to trying to compare Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright to John Hagee’s endorsement of John McCain.

Marathon Pundit notes that Rich grasps at straws and fails miserably.  In fact, there is little to compare the two relationships.  Hagee endorsed McCain and claims McCain sought the endorsement.  That’s it.

Obama, on the other hand, attended Wright’s church for twenty years.  Wright married Obama and Obama raised his children in Wright’s church.  Likewise, Obama gave Wright a role in his campaign as his “spiritual advisor.”  Let us also not forget Obama titled his book after one of Wright’s sermons.

The media, pretending to fairness and balance, would like us to put the Hagee endorsement on the same shelf as the Wright relationship.  The problem, of course, is that only one of these two ministers has had an active, multi-decade relationship with a Presidential candidate and it was not Hagee.

Colorado Democrats Defy Their Constitution

Colorado once was home to an aggressive, populist anti-tax movement that culminated in a constitutional provision requiring a vote of the people to increase taxes.  Just like the federal Democrats, the Colorado Democrats in charge of the state have decided to wholly ignore their constitution.

A year ago, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter signed into law legislation increasing property taxes in Colorado, despite Colorado’s constitutional mandate for a vote of the citizens.  The tax increase will raise an additional $3.8 billion over the next decade.  Naturally, Colorado residents filed suit against the unconstitutional action.  The Democrats in the state legislature then authorized $150,000 in taxpayer funds for Governor Ritter to fight the tax payers in court.

Yesterday, the lawsuit finally made it through the courthouse door.  The Democrats have decided to call the tax increase a tax “freeze,” arguing that they have done nothing wrong.  The taxpayers, however, are pointing out that even the Colorado Attorney General advised the Governor his actions were a tax increase.  The “freeze” froze into place mill levies that were set to expire.  Governor Ritter and the Democrats, faced with the facts, would still rather use tax dollars to fight the tax payers than do what is right.  The stakes are high too.  If the Governor and Democrats lose, they will be forced to pay back millions to the taxpayers.