When Will Obama Exit This Race?

When will  the candidate finally drop out of the race for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party? When will the candidate recognize that the longer this race goes on the better it is for John McCain’s Republicans? When will Barack Obama finally decide to throw in the towel?  No this is not a typo. Being a native Montrealer the only thing I’m smoking is corned beef.  It should be clear by now to anyone who has been watching this race since the end of February that Barack Obama hasn’t won anything. In baseball when you haven’t won a single game in two months, you are not seen as eligible for the World Series.

It’s fair to say that he still has a slight  edge in delegates, piled up in the early contests of January and February,  and therefore should be considered a the front runner for the Democratic nomination. But life is not fair. It never has been. It wasn’t fair that Barack Obama’s  African father abandoned him decades ago. It wasn’t fair that his adopted African American father figure, Jeremiah Wright abandoned him only days ago.

It isn’t fair that Oprah Winfrey and Ted Kennedy are abandoning him by their invisibility in this moment of his very visible pain. But if Obama was authentic African Ameircan streetfighting, civil rights fighting dude that he claims he is, he would never have responded to Reverend Jeremiah’s Jihad the way he did.  If the new Barack Obama had even half of the testosterone that the old Obama had, he would have gone in front of the cameras within minutes of  Jeremiah’s Judas moment and said the following,

"This message is for Jeremiah Wright. You were my mentor. You were my brother. You were my pastor. Today you are history. You say God Damn America. I say God Bless America. You said the attacks of 9/11 were the chickens coming home roost. I am calling you out as  the chicken you now are, too chicken to take a risk on supporting a black man who refuses to see his fellow blacks as victims of history, victims of U.S. government conspiracies.  We all have our choices to make. And you have made yours. You embrace  Farakkan and hate.  I choose King and Christ.  You don’t represent the Black Church. You don’t represent my family. And if you think  I will ever embrace you again Wright, you’re G-damned wrong."

If Obama had said the above, he would have been carried into the White House on the shoulders of millions.  The Old Obama might have been expected to say those things. The new Obama spoke to Latte Land, to NPR/CBC  land, in soft pseudo intellectual terms, reading from notes about how he was outraged by the Rev’s remarks. In latte land the understated nature of his response was treated like a home run.  But in blue collar America, it was barely a bunt single. 

Two weeks ago Obama was still the prohibitive favorite to be the Democratic Party standard bearer. But this week when Jeremiah Wright gave Obama the gift of a lifetime, the opportunity to have a High Noon moment, an all American showdown, he showed up a day late and a dollar short.  America didn’t get Gary Cooper. They got Gary Coleman. 

When will Obama leave the stage? Only after  black super delegates agree behind closed doors that  the only thing worse that Jeremiah being  Judas is the Democratic Party champ  becoming a chump for the Republicans.