Does Obama Support the Killing of Black Africans?

Barack Obama is leading the contest for the Democrat presidential nomination as a result of the votes of many white Democrats and as a result of overwhelming support from black Democrats. This is unsurprising. Why should black Americans not take pride in supporting a man of their own race for President? All Americans of all races should choose the best possible man or woman for President. In evaluating Mr. Obama’s candidacy, his race and sex are irrelevant.

We wonder, however, if these voters realize that Mr. Obama is a strong supporter of American political forces that deliberately engineered the deaths of more than 25 million black children — the children of their relatives and descendants in Africa — and are planning the future deaths of additional tens of millions of black Africans?

Barack Obama has stated that, if elected, he will give a high-level position to Mr. Al Gore.
Al Gore is a political advocate of the world-wide ban of DDT and of a proposed ban of 90% of world hydrocarbon use — both bans promoted for Gore’s personal financial and political self interest and both on the basis of bogus science.

The Congress of Racial Equality and many other scientific and sociological institutions have thoroughly documented the horrible deaths of more than 25 million black African children from DDT-preventable malaria, along with the current chronic illness from malaria of 500 million people — largely black Africans — as a result of the ban of DDT. Al Gore was instrumental in causing those deaths and illnesses.

Now Al Gore and his friends at the United Nations are advocating a 90% reduction of world hydrocarbon-based energy. If they are successful, the resulting loss of energy and technology will spread throughout the world. While people in highly developed countries will lose some of their prosperity, the people of black Africa — who already live on the edge of poverty with barely enough resources for food, clothing, and shelter — will lose their lives.

The ban of DDT was based on entirely bogus science, as was documented by many scientists, including even the scientific review board of the Environmental Protection Agency. The proposed ban of hydrocarbon fuels is no better. It, too, is based upon a scientific hypothesis that has been entirely discredited by definitive scientific research. [See Robinson, Robinson, and Soon, Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, including 132 peer-reviewed references to the research literature.]

Once again, as in the case of DDT, unprincipled environmentalists, politicians, businessmen, media personalities, and a relatively small band of self-interested scientists are promoting a human-caused global warming industry for personal political and financial gain.

This time, the stakes are much higher. These people have been joined by the United Nations and its “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” process. If they are successful, the United Nations and related international agencies will gain the power to tax and ration world energy — a position of enormous political and financial power. These groups are generating so much advertising for their new human-caused global warming industry — an industry based on a media-created myth — that the truth about their bogus scientific claims is being lost in public discourse.

Power and money for these people and organizations — including Al Gore, who has already turned this issue into much political prestige and substantial personal wealth for himself — is not the only effect of their activities. The resultant reduction in world energy supplies and the reductions in food and other necessities that depend upon that energy will certainly cause vast human suffering and death — especially in black Africa.

Barack Obama has been linked, by his political opponents, to militant racist organizations and even to confessed terrorists in the United States. He obviously lacks, at the very least, the experience and wisdom to be careful in his personal associations — just as he lacks the professional experience to be President of the United States. In these things, however, he deserves a fair comparison with the wisdom and experience of the opposing candidates.
At the very least, however, the voters would expect Mr. Obama to be a wise and reasoned advocate for the people of his own race — Americans whose blood relations are the current residents of black Africa.

This expectation cannot be reconciled with his desire for Al Gore to hold an influential position in an Obama Administration. Mr. Gore, more than any other prominent politician in America, has traded the suffering and death of vast numbers of black Africans for his own political and personal gain — and he is still doing so.

If Mr. Obama cannot distance himself from Al Gore, his enthusiastic black supporters and those of every other race should distance themselves from him.