Norm Coleman and Saxby Chambliss Should Smile

There has been a lot of news this election cycle about the failure of Republicans to recruit serious challengers against Democrats.  In fact, a number of good candidates have decided to sit out this year expecting disaster for the GOP.  In Minnesota and Georgia, however, the GOP should be thanking its lucky stars that the ego parade is on full march through the state Democratic organizations.

Two weeks ago I documented Al Franken’s failure to pay workers’ compensation insurance premiums in New York State.  Franken claims to have moved out of state, despite still using the address where New York mailed demands for payment.  Now we find out that Franken has not paid taxes in California.  According to the Associated Press, Franken’s corporation, Alan Franken, Inc., failed to file its tax return from 2003 to 2007.  Franken owes a minimum of $800 per year, as well as penalties and interest to California.

On September 30, 2007, Franken, speaking in St. Paul, MN, told an audience, “I’m a corporation . . . .  I love corporations that play by the rules and we have to make them play by the rules.”  No reporter has yet asked Al Franken if he intends to start practicing what he preaches.

While Franken may provide lots of blog fodder with his hypocrisy and tax evasion, Vernon Jones is the gift that keeps on giving in Georgia.  Until Jim Martin jumped into the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, Jones was arguably the Democratic front runner in Georgia.  Jones is the CEO of Dekalb County, GA.  Next door to Atlanta, Dekalb is prosperous and populous.  Jones, as CEO, is the most powerful politician in the county.

The problems with Jones, though, are numerous.  First, he has to deal with the issue of a well documented rape allegation.  Second, a year into fundraising, Jones is not doing that well in the cash game.  He’s spent a lot of money buying little seen billboards around the state.  Third, credible allegations from former employees of Dekalb County show a reverse race discrimination setting where Jones, in his effort to create a “darker administration” decided to fire all the white people.  In fact, Judge Lanier Anderson of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals found that the plaintiffs suing Jones “paint a picture that there was widespread racial motivation to eliminate white managers and promote black managers.”

While the GOP may be tucking tail in a number of states this year, the caliber of the Democratic opponents in both Minnesota and Georgia should give the GOP some hope.

Fraud in Indiana

With the Democrats heading to Indiana one week from today, we are starting to get a taste of what Hillary and Barack might be facing.  The background is the Supreme Court’s decision, yesterday, to uphold Indiana’s voter identification law.  As Soren Dayton notes at RedState, the Associated Press, in covering the decision, wrote, “There is little history in Indiana of either in-person voter fraud — of the sort the law was designed to thwart — or voters being inconvenienced by the law’s requirements.”  What the Associated Press failed to note is a history of serious voter fraud problems in, of all things, Democratic primaries in Indiana.

Just 14 days ago, two officials pled guilty to voter fraud in a 2003 East Chicago, IN Democratic primary.  The Northwest Indiana Times reports a Joint Vote Fraud Task Fource “filed charges against 53 people” that resulted in 45 convictions.  In February, an Indiana police officer in East Chicago was placed on probation for vote fraud in the 2003 Democratic primary.  On April 1, 2008, the Courier-Journal reported that Indiana’s Attorney General would join an ongoing “investigation of alleged absentee voter fraud in last year’s Democratic primary for mayor of Jeffersonville.”

Democrats routinely suggest voter fraud is a figment of Republican imaginations.  Though virtually impossible to prevent during election day voting, it seems very clear that in Indiana, at least, the Democrats have become masters of voter fraud, but have not yet excelled at getting away with it.  In a primary where race, gender, and general identity politics are all colliding, Hillary and Barack should have a very fun night next week.

Democrats Shut Out Voters in Tennessee

One of my favorite local bloggers, Blue Collar Muse, has a rather interesting report from Tennessee.  In 2000, the Tennessee Supreme Court struck down state legislation requiring a 48 hour waiting period for an abortion and full disclosure of the impact of abortions.  The court ruled under Tennessee’s Constitution. 

Since 2004, the Tennessee Senate has passed S.J.R. 127, which would amend the Tennessee Constitution to plainly state that “[n]othing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion.”  Each time the measure has passed the Senate, the Public Health and Family Assistance Subcommittee of the Health and Human Resources Committee in the State House has killed the measure on a party line vote. 

There is no dispute that the amendment could pass the whole House.  There is also little doubt that the amendment would be approved by the voters.  But, as Blue Collar Muse blogs, “Six committee members, all Democrats, are preventing six million Tennesseans from having their say.”

George Soros Sets Up in New Mexico

If you ever want to know where the Left intends to make an electoral stand, follow George Soros’s money.  Mario Burgos has followed it to his home state in New Mexico.  The Center for Independent Media, a Soros backed front group, has set up a news site in New Mexico to tailor its left wing message and attack Republican candidates.

Soros’s projects claim both openness and independence, but more and more they are closed off echo chambers of leftist thought single-mindedly focused on securing elective office for far left, anti-war candidates.  That Soros would set up shop in New Mexico means the Left thinks it has a chance there.

The best way to beat Soros is to stay engaged on blogs like RedState that keep voters up to date on the left-wing attacks and join RedState’s action emails blast.  Staying educated about the left-wing lie machine is a significant part of being able to fight the left.