Celebration in Italy Sparks Liberal Protest

On April 25, 1945, fascism was once and for all defeated and Italy would hold its historical referendum to choose between Monarchy and Republic just three years later, in 1948, the year when people were also granted the right to freely elect their own representatives in a multi-party system. The republican system established April 25 as a national holiday to be celebrated every year and this has been so since the very same beginning of the country’s democratic life.

This year, it has been ‘remembered’ as the Left has done it for  decades. While many Italians took advantage of the good weather and the day off work in order to lunch outdoors, the streets of Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples and Palermo — just to name a few — were hit by dozens of angry moonbats and any other sort of lefto-extremists, including sympathizers of the infamous Red Brigades terrorists and members of the so-called “Anti Imperialist Camp”, a coalition of marxist and islamist movements funding terror operations in Iraq and the Palestinian-occupied territories.
It was the usual, sad show: plenty of communist flags, Che t-shirts and portraits, Fidel Castro pictures and so on. But the focus of the demonstrations was once again the US and Israel; several of the marchers burned the flags of the two mentioned countries and carried out banners in favor of the “Iraqi, Afghani and Palestinian resistance”. To them, it has been one more occasion to subvert the meaning of this date in favor of their own perverted agenda, made up of hatred for liberal democracy and capitalism.
After years of denial, it would be fair to acknowledge some wise words from the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano  A former communist who, in his dark past, had justified the repression of the Prague Spring and Hungarian uprisings, he seems to have realized that it’s high time to tell every side of the story. In an unprecedented move, he stated that the resistance against fascism then turned into a real civil war, where thousands of innocent civilians, including women, children and priests, were slaughtered by communist partisans, in random revenge against all who didn’t join the rebel army, even though they had nothing to do with Mussolini’s regime.
Overall, nobody remembered  that right-wing liberals, as well as Christian Democrats, played an important role in the resistance and died in the hands of Nazi occupiers in the very same communists did; the only difference is that the first two have not resorted to massacres nor revenge during and after the battle.
The most baffling thing of all is that, once and again, neither Mr. Napolitano, nor the mainstream media, have mentioned the heroic sacrifice of tens of thousands of American and British soldiers who came to rescue an ungrateful country from its nightmare.

Dozens of allied heroes are buried in the World War II cemeteries of Anzio and Florence, but their graves are visited just by American embassy officials and very few sane Italians.

During the April 25 ceremonies, one could easily hear the word ‘Resistance’, but rarely the word “Allies”, except from newly elected prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Having said this, I can’t forget that Berlusconi’s coalition includes many people who still boast of being fascist and give the Roman salute that is the same as the Nazi one.

While praising the allied role in liberating Italy, Berlusconi has also met with a prominent senator who openly called April 25 a “national mourning day”. In a declaration that sparked a short controversy, the new premier even said that the fascist youth who volunteered in Mussolini’s “Salò Republic” brigade ‘shouldn’t be blamed as they promoted ideals they believed in”. This is undoubtedly not a good way to express sincere gratitude toward our US friends, quite the opposite.
I hate to say it, but Italy is not a culturally and politically mature nation; those who, in the United States, cheered Berlusconi’s electoral victory as a sign of change in people’s prejudices toward Americans, lack real knowledge of Italian reality.

Speaking with ordinary citizens about their Liberation Day, you might be easily silenced as soon as you attempt to mention the historic fact that on this date of 1945, the Allies landed in the shores of Sicily and entered Naples, Rome and Milan welcomed by tens of hundreds of people offering flowers and hugging the liberators.

Italians have been brainwashed into believing that they owe communist rebels the most for overthrowing Mussolini and if you try to unmask this falsehood, you’re quickly labeled a ‘revisionist’. Textbooks and the media have been playing a major role in shaping the minds of millions and I think I’m lucky enough to having come out of the dark of reason I lived in after years being taught lies at school.
On their part, the US embassy has always failed to at least issue a public statement  that, had it not been for the youth who were martyred in a foreign land to rescue her, Italy would have ended up like Spain, where it was Franco’s death that finished off Fascism.

While the Resistance has for sure given its own contribution in blood, the American flag should fly in all the official celebrations of April 25. The old pictures of cheerful crowds applauding the liberators have been replaced by shameful images of hatred and ingratitude. That leads to a legitimate question: did Italians really deserve American blood? I guess the thousands buried in Anzio and Florence today would answer differently than they would have sixty-three years ago.