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Top Ten PAC Contributors recently compiled a list of the political action committees that were the biggest campaign contributors in the current and last election cycles.  The following list is a combination of the PACs that were highest contributors to Republicans and to Democrats:

1. Operating Engineers Union  $1,977, 975

2. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers  $1,532,650

3. National Association of Realtors  $1,456,250

4. AT&T Inc.  $1,325,000

5. American Association For Justice  $1, 324, 000 

6. American Bankers Association  $1,297, 270

7. Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union  $1,216,500

8. Laborers Union  $1,177,500

9. National Beer Wholesalers Association.  $1,175,000

10. Sheet Metal Workers Union  $1,088,010

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