The Clinton Quagmire

After Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is most accurately characterized in terms she and Barack baby have been using to describe another conflict:

She had flawed intelligence, cooked up by a cabal with its own agenda. She is in a quagmire; she cannot win by conventional means, and no political solution appears viable. She has no exit strategy; the numbers just aren’t there. The people aren’t with her. She went to campaign on the pretext of a lie: that America wanted her to be their Commander in Chief. She has plunged her troops into the heart of a civil war, subjecting them to the attacks of fanatics. Her approval numbers are slipping and she refuses to take the blame, to sue for an honorable peace, to bring her troops home, with honor.

At this point, with Obama ahead by 2% in the popular vote, and needing only 241 more delegates to achieve the 2025 needed for the nomination, it requires a willing suspension of disbelief to see how Hillary can win the Democratic nomination.

Hillary Clinton is facing utter defeat. It’s a fact, and nevertheless, her spokesman Howard Wolfson does what liberals do best — he moves the goalposts. If you don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, you will understand that they aren’t losing, they are winning and can win big, if everything goes just right. Whether it’s the surge of mythical Clinton supporters (Hint: They WERE Dittoheads) flooding the Pennsylvania polling places, or groups of faithless seemingly pro-Obama super delegates suddenly turning the tide for Senator Clinton, the fact remains: its all fictionThe reinforcements aren’t coming. The Obama-nation is rolling like an army of steel into your heartland. Sure you might be able to hold off the progressive invasion a little bit in Pennsylvania — was that really a surprise? But its not a surge — its not THE SURGE you need. And thus begins the Clinton Insurgency in earnest.

And so standing on the rubble pile of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with television sets and talk radio still smoldering and radioactive from the Depleted Intelligence (DI) bombs dropped, in :60 and :30 second increments on the populace (sorry; no collateral damage here; sometimes you have to raze the village to save it.)

Senator Clinton now operates in a fashion reminiscent of the the Fedayeen Saddam, or perhaps in the current incarnation of Mookie Al Sadr — who in the aftermath of Baghdad’s liberation took to the alleyways and byways, slipping into plainclothes to take on the infidel. The Clintonista brigands, move under the shadow of darkness to contemplate a Catastrophic Victory.

Catastrophic Victory was a phrase first uttered by General Richard Myers, to describe the second war in Iraq, the war, after the victory over Saddam, the war against the street thugs and insurgents that emerged in the aftermath of the victory in Baghdad. This is the political style of warfare the Clinton’s are now weighing in which the electorate itself becomes the target.

This is not to say that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is a bunch of terrorists, no, they are just deeply misled true believers. They entered the process with an agenda and are willing to believe anything that gets her closer to that goal. Hillary knows she is done, but she won’t let her troops surrender. And that is brutal. Her troops have bought into a lie. They think they are edgy, alternative and now. One can picture them frantically searching I-Tunes to download Fleetwood Mac again.

And while they are at it, pass around that War Room DVD and a very worn, dog-eared copy of Mandate for Change, one more time. Team Clinton’s mission is dictated and unchangeable: Victory at Any Cost. Team Clinton will carve up America and divide her and not cede an inch. They will keep sending Howard Wolfson to channel Baghdad Bob, with mythical tales of a surge still to come on the shores of Puerto Rico and the press will wonder to themselves privately and aloud. “Does he really believe it?” Somewhere in War Room 2008 some not so young, not so ideal, idealist, silently thinks to himself that he is the 2nd coming of Stephy; and that maybe he can sandbag Obama during a Live Larry King Live interview and score a devastating blow for the Senator. But even he has doubts and just in case, he’ll keep emailing his buddy in the communications department over at Obama 08, in case he decides to desert after Pennsylvania.

The Clintons were once insurgents against the old guy in the race except that the Clinton Machine is now the old guy in the race. The Clinton Machine ambles pathetically, like Harold Ickes with his shirt unbuttoned to his navel (for God Sakes Harold; you’re older than FM! Button up!) Obama-nation is now the liberal people’s choice. Obama owns the liberal street and if they are denied via chicanery, skullduggery or any of the other ‘erys’ there will be blood on that street in Denver. It will be ‘68 all over again. Paging Tom Hayden.

The Clinton’s cannot win this fight and they know it, even she has to know it. They cannot win the nomination except by paying off the Sons of Democrats who can then force pro Hillary demonstrators into the streets to make it a bloody contest. The Clinton campaign won Pennsylvania, true, but they didn’t win by enough. Ten points in the grand scheme of things just snags her a net of 13 delegates. Strip away the 160 thousand participants of Operation Chaos and Hillary’s victory margin of 210 thousand shrinks to less than 1%. Truth is, Hillary hasn’t won by enough since they lost IOWA. This fact has shocked only the easily shocked, the Contessa Brewer’s of the world who are forced to do Dan Abrams bidding and explain the new, new, new,new Clinton strategy, probably something involving flipping Nancy Pelosi, a bribe to the people of Kansas and some other political Soduku. (Disclaimer to Contessa and the others at the MSNBC I am sure you are a lovely people, and that you are being held hostage to the whimsy of Chris Matthews, but come on — another segment about Beer Drinkers for Hillary and I might self immolate.)

Defeat is Hillary’s legacy-period. The Clinton’s perfectly embody the failed idealism of the 60’s generation — they begin with such promise and end up losing out over greed — think the Dot Com Bubble and Chicomm campaign donations; its all about winning, no matter the price. There is no honor among liberals. One is reminded of the Iraq War Euphemism attributed to Crate and Barrel, spoken by Colin Powell and clung to by war hating liberals, “You broke it you bought it.” Hillary has broken the process and that will be her legacy. She will own the strife and damn the consequences.

But Hillary Clinton will not go quietly, she will thrash her party on her way out the door. A large part of me suspects that you will see a split screen on the last day of the Democrat Party convention of her being pulled from a Spider Hole in rural Indiana, sporting unkempt flannel, some work boots and a fake beard and mustache, while Obama delivers the acceptance speech at his party’s nominating convention. Hillary will be forced to answer for her crimes against the Party, maybe this time she’ll finally admit defeat and go quietly, I suspect, she’ll still claim that she has a chance, once the votes of the Mariana Trench are counted.