The Siege of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is off his rocker. This weekend residents of Los Angeles waited with bated breath to hear the State of the City Speech from the mayor. Most Angelenos looked forward to seeing the Mayor once again since it had been while: in the wake of a sex scandal he had all but permanently relocated to the Hillary Clinton campaign bus for the last year and a half.

Most residents already knew the State of the City: the City of Angels had become a much harder, more violent place, what with the recent murder of Jamiel Shaw by an illegal alien gang member and the shooting of 2 members of the police SWAT team. The Mayor of LA didn’t see it that way. He had the temerity to walk to the microphone and declare that Los Angeles was “the safest it had been since the 1950’s.” Villaraigosa also declared that hate crimes would not be tolerated in his city. What hate crimes were the Mayor referring to? Was it perhaps the murder of Jamiel Shaw? Or was it perhaps the attempted ethnic cleansing by the Florencia 13 against the city’s Black population? F13 is a street gang made up almost entirely by foreign nationals who have made it their mission to exterminate Black citizens in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. It got so serious that the U.S. Department of Justice actually brought charges against its members.

For those who think only of Disneyland, Malibu or Hollywood, it should be noted that the city of Los Angeles, and most of Southern California, is on the front lines of a foreign insurgency. Illegal alien street gangs routinely terrorize American citizens on the streets of Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

When you read about Iraq and the Iranian militias murdering Iraqis and are horrified that such a thing can happen know this: that very thing is going on in the streets of Los Angeles. Well armed, well financed de facto militias have taken to the streets of Los Angeles an en effort to seize land and kill US citizens. How did Mayor Villaraigosa react to all this? Does he call for more police officers? Does he offer support to the murdered victims’ families? No.

Instead Mayor Villaraigosa issued a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff asking him to back off of immigration roundups. Thank Heaven that Chertoff and ICE ignored the mayor’s request and conducted immigration raids. The alternative would be to leave the residents of Los Angles in danger of a one-woman crime wave.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on the case of Maria "Chata" Leon. Chata ran a drug den that terrorized a neighborhood; according to federal indictments she was a woman who trafficked in Tec-9 submachine guns, narcotics and even bombs. The 44-year old Chata, a mother of 13 kids and a Los Angeles City welfare recipient had been arrested 14 times since 1985. 14 times! She had 3 convictions and had been deported twice. That’s right. She was an illegal alien, and boss of a criminal syndicate. In fact, one of her sons had recently died in a shootout with LAPD officers, just blocks from his Glassell Park house.

Chata is just one of the thousands of well armed gang leaders walking the streets of Los Angeles responsible for death, and destruction of American citizens. At the time of her federal arrest, The Los Angeles Times, quoted LAPD captain Bill Murphy as saying, “She’s a major problem for the area and hopefully she won’t be back again."

Didn’t he get the memo? LA is as safe as it was in the 1950’s — just ask the Mayor. Just don’t ask the citizens of LA or the cops on the front lines of the siege.