The BBC Bows Down to Climate Change

One of the most consistent and thorough journalists in the United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph’s Christopher Booker, recently published an astonishing piece on the BBC and Global Warming (it’s the right link – the story’s about half way down the page).

In short, it reveals that on 4 April a BBC journalist named Roger Harrabin posted a story on BBC Website, in which (citing the World Meteorological Organisation) he correctly pointed out the twin facts that world temperatures have not continued to rise in the past 10 years, and that this year they will fall to a level markedly below the average of the past two decades.

He was promptly emailed by Jo Abbess of “The Campaign Against Climate Change” demanding that he “correct” his item. In their e-mail exchange, she said it was “highly irresponsible to play into the hands of the sceptics,” to “even hint that the Earth is cooling down again.” She told him that this was not “a matter of debate” and that, unless he changed his item, “I would have to conclude that you are insufficiently educated to be able to know when you have been psychologically manipulated.” She threatened to expose him by spreading his replies across the internet.

He gave in. A new version appeared, bearing the same time and date as the original, complying with her demands. It contained no reference to the fact that it had been changed. There was a guarded reference to this year’s “slightly cooler” temperatures, and a new paragraph which said that they would “still be above the average” and that we will “soon exceed the record year of 1998 because of the global warming induced by greenhouse gases.”

Booker’s startling story shows precisely how Britain’s “national broadcaster” and the ilk either sign up entirely to the Gospel of Climate Change or are pushed around by the climate change industry, with their intolerance of any kind of question or dissent and constant ad hominem attacks on anyone who dares to disagree.  

Of course, no substantive response from the BBC on the issue has been forthcoming, and the media class — which shares the all-but-universal total acceptance of the Gospel of Climate Change demonstrated by the BBC — has shown no interest in following up or pursuing Booker’s exclusive.

Climate Change is, increasingly, resembling a snarling cult, complete with acolytes and devotees (often in the press) who bow down before the High Priests (Al Gore and co) who in turn genuflect before an absolute truth which simply cannot tolerate being questioned.

One of the strengths of Christianity is its ability in modern liberal society to endure constant criticism and attack. I accept that unpleasant criticism as a price well worth paying in a free society. Why should the faith of the Climate Changers be treated differently?

It’s not simply the case that the pro-Climate Change lobby is granted a near-clear playing field to present their view without contrary comment or criticism; it’s also that any criticism that is grudgingly allowed is presented with caveat and counter-argument before the much-ridiculed “skeptic” opens his mouth. If proof is needed, think of the treatment the recent British documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” received, compared to the entirely uncritical presentation of the great flotilla of pro-climate change propaganda constantly pumped out on TV.

On a related point, I noted with interest that the “stunning and alarming footage” shown recently, again and again, of a large piece of ice breaking away from the ice shelf, came without any mention of the fact that the ice is thickening in other parts of Antarctica. The BBC’s presenter uncritically said that the footage “spoke for itself.” It didn’t.

But let us return to the BBC’s abject, pathetic surrender in the face of a couple of e-mails. It is dispiriting, isn’t it, that a supposedly impartial source of news can be so easily manipulated? One of the (entirely justifiable) points of pride held by the BBC is that people all over the world, often living in repressive regimes, could tune into the BBC World Service and find a well-informed, fair and honest provider of information. To hold that line in the face of communism, only to allow it to be eroded until merely a façade when the Church of Climate Change comes calling, is callow and absurd.