Liberals Love Loons and Liars

Barack Obama still remains a favorite among Democrats despite the recent exposure of his relationship with controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright, now infamous for his anti-American jeremiads. Real Clear Politics national poll averages still place him two percentage points above Clinton with 45% to her 43%.

Obama’s Rev. Wright controversy surfaced in the media on March 14. A Pew Research poll conducted between Feb 20-24 placed Obama ahead of Clinton 49% to 40%.

The next Pew Research poll was conducted March 19-22, after the Wright controversy hit the airwaves. Obama’s numbers didn’t budge: he remained at 49% while Clinton actually dropped a percentage point to 39%.

Similarly Hillary’s national numbers haven’t changed since her embellished statement on March 25 that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia.

Most important to the Democratic candidates right now are poll results in the delegate rich state of Pennsylvania, where the much-anticipated primary will be held on April 22. Prior to the Rev. Wright hullabaloo, Rasmussen conducted a poll on March 12 and found Clinton ahead of Obama 51% to 38%.

Weeks later — following all the bad news for the Obama Campaign — we see Obama unscathed and even flourishing in the polls. Rasmussen’s poll conducted on March 31 shows Obama up by four percentage points and Clinton down from 51% to 47%.

Poll results further prove what conservatives knew all along — Democrats care little about a dishonest candidates or the promotion of racial division.

Blog sites and pundits have joked about Obama’s seemingly untouchable campaign. His staffers, voters, and followers have been called cultish. (a HUMAN EVENTS sister company) cleverly compared this stupefaction to Bush Derangement Syndrome calling it Obama Bedazzlement Syndrome (OBS).

“What are the symptoms, and are people able to identify OBS when they see it?” writes Charles Bird in his parody posted this week.

“There are a range of symptoms… and if you see two or more "flags" in a person, then he or she may have very well been infected. If a friend is a little more glassy-eyed than usual and increasingly uses terms like "hope" and "change," while at the same time offers no additional specifics, you may be witnessing the early onset of the syndrome.”

Although Obama’s campaign remains impervious to HRC and Obama Bedazzlement Syndrome continues to spread, national head to head polls show Obama dropping slightly against John McCain. Political strategists have noted recently that although the Rev. Wright storm has done little to damage Obama in the primaries, things can change dramatically if Obama is the Democratic nominee, as primary-season voting is not always predictive of general election voting.

In a NBC/WSJ poll conducted March 7-10 Obama leads 47% to McCain’s 44%. The next NBC/WSJ poll conducted after the controversy on March 24 shows Obama losing three percentage points, dropping his lead over McCain to 44% to 42%.

The GOP has been collecting Obama flaps all the while, and he hasn’t made their job difficult. You can bet that a 1996 questionnaire Obama filled out in which he took unyielding liberal positions on the death penalty, abortion, and gun control will be brought up and could affect independent voters in the general election.

Or the recent gaffe that Obama wouldn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby” if they were to get pregnant.

And don’t forget Obama’s strange refusal to be overtly patriotic. Obama has been photographed while failing to put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance and stated he wont wear a flag pin on his lapel. His wife, Michelle, said she hadn’t been proud of her country until her husband ran for office and his lifelong mentor, pastor, the man who baptized his children, oversaw his marriage, and inspired the title to his auto-biography believes that America is responsible for the AIDS virus (among other things).

Chris Matthews who has shown many symptoms of OBS interviewed Obama on "Hardball" Wednesday evening. Matthews asked Obama “Why didn’t you walk out of that church? When you heard that controversial language, why did you go back and give him $27,000 in contributions to your church. Why did you just say, he’s on a different side of this fight than I am?”

“I think that, what has happened is we took a loop out of, and compressed the most offensive things that a pastor said over the course of years and ran it over and over and over again. There is that other 30 years. I never heard him say those things that were in those clips,” said Obama.

“But did you say you heard him say controversial things?” Matthews asked.

“But I’ve heard you say controversial things,” said Obama.

“You know the Republicans will bring it back,” quipped Matthews.

Oh you bet we will Chris. And we’re looking forward to the opportunity, Sen. Obama.