Recreating '68

Those lovable, aggressive peace-loving anti-war factions of the left are ready for the 1968 presidential race. At least some of them are preparing to recreate the chaos that surrounded the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago when the Dem delegates gather this August in Denver, Colorado.

The band of loons, freaks and frauds planning the new mess is unimaginatively named Recreate 68. It’s a radical left-wing group of “peace-loving” Castro-ettes whose goal is described as peaceful through good old fashioned liberal violence upon the dangerous American establishment and government that Recreate 68 feels must be taken down and controlled by revolutionaries.

The people trying to control the U.S. via revolution are your average insane hemp-wearing, pot smoking, commune-type militant who most likely studied loading and firing under Angela Davis at UC Berkley.

For those who don’t already know how dangerous these“peaceful” activist groups are, the Recreate 68 web site gives a full manifesto of tactics necessary to destroy the U.S. government and wealthy and middle-class Americans: “Sometimes we need to move back [to 1968] to move forward. In 1968, there existed a spirit of change, the Paris Rebellion,” where students and workers marched against the established order of France’s government for radical reform of what students felt was unfair working conditions.  In other words, the French were told by those evil dirigeants (order-givers) to work for a living. Has anyone ever known the French to not protest or riot when told to work?

The Chicago riots and the Vietnam War protest are viewed by radical leftists as practical education for how Americans should live: like jihadists “capable of taking over the institutions that controlled their lives.” In other words, corporations hiring and paying people to work and the government needed to prevent chaos by keeping laws enforced. 

Recreate 68 is against laws. Laws hinder and control people. Recreate 68 wants a return to the riotous 60’s where “the smell of revolution was in the air.”

That smell was in the air during the French Revolution when the people were lopping off the heads of the wealthy. But let’s not forget those rich criminals deserved to lose their heads for having the audacity to be rich. 

It is after all the radical leftist goal to get rid of the upper and middle-class bourgeois whom leftists insist destroy society by building it and putting people to work for money. 

I, for one, have never been hired by the rich; the poor have always employed me and paid my way.

The 68’ Chicago riots, which lasted five days, nearly destroyed the city of Chicago. Anti-war demonstrators clashed with 11,900 Chicago police, 7,500 Army troops, 7,500 Illinois National Guardsmen, and 1000 Secret Service Agents.

Riots started by so-called “peace activists” included thug Black Panther founder Bobby Seale, David Dellinger, chairman of the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, Rennie Davis and Tom Hayden, members of the Students for a Democratic Society, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, leaders of the Youth International Party (those lovable YIPPIES), Lee Weiner research assistant at Northwestern University, eight civilians known as “The Chicago 8,” and John Froines, a professor at the University at the University of Oregon.

Perhaps Recreate 68 can get Jeremiah Wright and Ward Churchill for their Masters of Ceremonies. 

Recreate 68 claims that “through mass participation in the movement [of 1968’s violence], it was possible wrest control from the elite power-holders.” Recreate 68 believes the wealthy in America — Democrat and Republican — are stealing human and Civil rights from the American underclass. Which obviously doesn’t include these pampered Berserkely types and those day workers hired from Rent a Radical. 

Leftist protesters love to ban together in every state decrying money and power they obviously have in order to subsidize their travel expenses and enormous Kinko’s bills. No one ever points out these brats have money themselves to travel and whine like pseudo-Indian untouchables trampled upon by the U. S. government that hands out more expensive entitlements than Emperors’ Club hookers.

Recreate 68 demands “change and mass participation in the events that shape and control our [Americans’] lives.” Those “events” they speak of are the laws and principles this country was founded on: the Constitution of the United States and its Declaration of independence that gave every American freedom to live the American dream but not a guarantee of achieving it.  

Radical leftists prefer Marxian communism: complete and total equality where no one in America ever achieves more than another. Recreate 68 intends upon doing this by resurrecting “that revolutionary feeling [of 1968’s violence] and pick[ing]-up where our predecessors left off.” Their predecessors left a bloody trail of hate through Chicago that propelled Richard Nixon to the presidency. 

The Democrats — and the city of Denver — cannot afford to let these people “recreate” 1968. Denver police are forewarned long enough to prepare for them. But are the Democrats — beholden to, Code Pink and the rest — capable of guarding against them?