PA Vet Tossed Out of Clinton Rally

An army veteran was hauled away by secret service agents from a Clinton rally for disputing former president Bill Clinton’s claim that his wife, Hillary, would make a “great commander-in-chief.”

Last Wednesday, Rick Brown, a Pennsylvania resident and a 1973 graduate of West Point, attended a Hillary Clinton town hall meeting in Bethlehem, PA, a community 70-miles north of Philadelphia. Former president Bill Clinton was the featured speaker who arrived an hour and a half late to promote his wife’s credentials for the presidency. That state’s presidential primary is scheduled for April 22nd.

Twenty-minutes into Clinton’s speech Brown, a five-year army veteran, said he had heard enough and shouted his question. Clinton had claimed that there were 34 general officers who endorse Hillary for president and that she would make a “great commander-in-chief.”

Brown, whose son is a junior at West Point, interrupted Clinton to ask whether Hillary, if elected, would gut the military. Brown later explained that he wanted to dispel the myth that Hillary would make a “great commander-in-chief.” After all, Brown explained, “Bill Clinton had gutted the military during his term in office” which left the nation unprepared after the attacks on September 11, 2001.

“And you gutted our military. You’re a liar,” shouted Brown as he was escorted from the packed hotel ballroom. Brown, 56, explained, “It’s good the secret service got me out of there.” The room was filled with “Hillary lovers” and it could have “gotten ugly.”

Clinton made light of Brown’s remarks: "You know, whenever you find somebody screaming, it’s normally because they don’t have the facts on their side."

"I thought they’d let me be quiet (and sit down) and [Clinton would] answer the question," Brown said. But "I got my point out; he didn’t answer."

Local press reports indicate that Clinton responded to Brown’s question by claiming that "In every respect, military readiness was greater when I left office than it is today." "The Republicans gutted the military,” Clinton asserted.

Brown says that he “cringes that the Clintons might once again be in charge of the military.” “Military personnel can’t trust the Clintons to represent the facts to the public,” claims Brown. He fears the Clintons will put the military in dangerous situations and then blame the generals if things go wrong.

His only regret, Brown explained, is that what had been a lukewarm reception for Clinton became a “stirred up and passionate crowd” after the confrontation.