Identity Politics Melting Down Democrat Party

Forget Eliot Spitzer, the entire Democrat Party is melting down before the nation’s very eyes. 

Last week, America was both introduced to the electoral cure for white guilt in the form of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and reminded by Geraldine Ferraro why Walter Mondale lost 49 states.

The Democrat Party and its two competing Presidential candidates have been hoist by their own petard of race — and gender-identity politics.

Feminist icon Ferraro, a Hillary Clinton-backer, was branded a racist by the Obama campaign for curious statements about the “concept” of Barack Obama. Ferraro essentially argued that if Barack Obama were different, he wouldn’t be the same. 

In defending herself against the Obama-mainstream media complex’s backlash, Ferraro conceded on Good Morning America that had her name been Gerard Ferraro (presumably implying that had she been a man) in 1984, she would not have been selected as her party’s ill-fated Vice Presidential nominee that year. So while Ferraro identified race as that which only distinguishes Obama, she at least volunteered that it was solely gender that distinguished her.

Meanwhile, back at the mothership, while Clinton was offering pro-forma denunciation of her comrade-in-arms, team Hillary finally got around to pushing out their special edition “Best of Rev. Jeremiah Wright” DVD collection of selected anti-American ravings and black helicopter conspiracy theories from the good reverend, Obama’s long-time spiritual advisor.

If you think George W. Bush controls the media — yes, that President, the one with the 70% disapproval rating; if you think Israel is a state-sponsor of terrorism; if you think black Republicans are sell-outs; and if you think that America is a racist country that should be damned by God, then you are just going to get the biggest kick out of Rev. Wright’s gyration-filled, pulpit pontifications.

It turns out that Michelle Obama is not the only one who saw no reason to be proud of America prior to her husband’s political ascension. 

The other Obama attempted to square Wright’s affinity for hateful demagoguery with the post-racial “One America” vision of his campaign offering to ABC News the rationalization that Wright “is like an old uncle who says things I don’t always agree with.”

You know what the difference is between Louis Farrakhan, who Obama was quick to categorically repudiate, and good ole Uncle Jeremiah Wright? Louis Farrakhan plays the violin.

Both Democrat campaigns have now been reduced from pandering on the basis of race and gender to polarizing on those bases in order to make their best case to Democrat superdelegates that their opponent is unelectable in the fall against McCain. 

Before this is over, they will be both be right.