Quid Pro QuObama?

On the day Hillary Clinton’s campaign unloaded a press dossier on Barrack Obama’s mentor, the rabidly anti-American “preacher” Jeremiah Wright, who years ago presided at the marriage of  Barrack and Michelle Obama, the Obama campaign sought to divert attention by releasing Obama’s list of earmarks requests. Perhaps he should have released something else.

Let’s follow the money to see if we can find the change Obama has been talking about.

In 2006, Barack Obama requested an earmark of $1 million for the University of Chicago Hospital. It just so happens that Michelle Obama is the Vice President for Community Affairs at the hospital.

As Byron York notes, Michelle Obama made $121,910.00 in 2004 before her husband was elected to the United States Senate. In 2005, after Obama won his election, she made $316,962.00. According to the New York Times, the hospital denies that Michelle Obama ever lobbied her husband on behalf of her employer for the $1 million.  

Barack Obama hopes for change in Washington. It’s a sure bet that the University of Chicago will be keeping Mrs. Obama on the payroll hoping for some change too.

The question is, is this the type of change the voters really want?