Another Petty Tyrant Takes On the Marine Corps.

International tyrants — whether grand or petty — have a consistent record when they take on the US Marines: they lose. But petty tyrants in our nation, such as California foster care commissioner Marilyn Mackel — fight inside the system where the Corps is uncharacteristically defenseless.

Mackel probably never heard of Sarah Lister but the two might have been separated at birth. In 1997, Army personnel chief Lister was forced to apologize to the Marines for describing them as ”extremists” who risked ”total disconnection with society.” Marilyn Mackel should be forced to reverse her decision and apologize to would-be Marine Shawn Sage.

“Shawn Sage long dreamed of joining the military and watching, “Full Metal Jacket” last year really sold him on becoming a Marine,” began a piece in the Los Angeles Daily News by David Bartholomew. Bartholomew went on to chronicle what happened to Shawn Sage next.

A foster child, trapped in the California Foster Care System; a system run by unapologetic Marxists, Sage went before Children’s Commissioner Marilyn Mackel to ask the judge if he could have permission to serve his nation. Sage is 17 years old. He dreamed of building a life for himself, outside the system that cared for him. He dreamt of being a free man. Plus, it should be noted, the enlistment carried with it a $10,000 signing bonus, what must have amounted to a lot of money to Sage. But Judge Mackel would have none of it. She denied his request citing her opposition to the war in Iraq, the Marine Corps and the “fact” — in her mind — that military recruiters lie and view recruits as only warm bodies to be exploited.

This is the America we inhabit in 2008. It would be easy to dismiss this act as the rantings of a classic California leftist, but it is part of an emerging pattern, one aimed at permanently altering this nation. The responsibility for it lies squarely at the feet of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Anti-war hysteria from Democrats is nothing new. In fact the Democrats long ago perfected rioting to oppose unpopular wars. During the Civil War, New York Democrats, yes, the same party that so proudly claims Hillary and Obama as members, pillaged, burned and looted New York for 3 days, over opposition to the draft. New York Democrats really hated the idea of dying for brown skinned people far away. Sound familiar? That same sentiment would emerge again a little over a century later, when leftists, bloodied the streets of America as Weathermen and Black Panthers.

From 1860 to 1968 to 2008–the Democrats are at it again — stoking rage and anger at the military. Not just in Mackel’s court but also in Berkeley where Code Pink threatened USMC recruiters, and the city sided with Code Pink. As recently as last Thursday the anti war hysteria flared up again as a New York City military recruitment station in Times Square was bombed by some bicycle-pedaling whacko. The bomber tossed an explosive at the building around 3 a.m, apparently aiming to protest violently at a time when casualties would presumably not be inflicted.

This is just a few steps up the radicals’ ladder from the Code Pink whacko who tried to smear blood on the face of Secretary of State Condi Rice as she testified at the United States Senate.

Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emmanuel, Harry Reid, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and their fellow travelers have all made it their stock in trade to get elected and garner more power by blaming the Bush administration for making America more vulnerable and less liked in the international community, willfully ignoring the war terrorists wage on us. They have played like the defeatist pied pipers.

The problem is, like most liberal promises, there is no underlying truth. There is only the sales pitch. The Democrats who did the bidding of the liberals, by getting them majorities in the house and senate and got nothing for it. They have worked tirelessly to gin up turn out at the polling places and caucus sites throughout the long cold winter. They even had to work in liberal hell, that is to say, Idaho, North Dakota and Wyoming to rack up wins for these same Democrats, Clinton and Obama. And like it or not, they will demand and must be paid their tribute, either in votes or in blood.

According to a report in “The Politico” a coalition of radical Democrats want to “recreate ‘68,” vowing to turn Denver into Chicago 1968 all over again. The moon bats and the nut roots want not only consideration, but a chance to actually forge policy.

All this is, to paraphrase President Reagan, a time for choosing for the Democrat Party. Will they turn policy over to unreconstructed street terrorists who seek to bomb their way into power? Or will they instead show the adult leadership the party needs. My guess is that based on the party’s inability to get a handle on the kook fringe– it’s gonna get ugly.

The saddest thing in all this is the crushed dream of Shawn Sage, the 17 year old, young man, who wants to serve his nation, honorably, as a Marine. This is a young man who has had many choices to make—for good and for bad. He has clearly indicated a desire for the right road. He ought to be allowed to tread it. He deserves to realize his potential in a Marine Corps Uniform. Judge Marilyn Mackel is just another liberal, drunk with power, who seized her chance to stick it to the Marine Corps, on the back of an honorable young man. Maybe she can be convinced that her actions are not only unpatriotic but immoral. Her office phone number is: (323) 526 6402.

Sadly, while Sage has proven that he is exactly the kind of young man this nation needs, Mackel is proving that she’d be a perfect choice for the Clinton or Obama Supreme Court. A Leftist kook that hates the military reviles personal choice, and loves to force people to live their lives, the way Marxists like Mackel deem appropriate.