Lock Arms with American Defenders

When anti-American organizations and demonstrators march through our city streets spewing hatred and venom, many Americans simply shrug their shoulders, assuming without question that the streets belong to the malcontents.

I disagree vehemently. As a professional soldier I do not believe in the concept of conceding any portion of the battlefield to the enemy, especially since the rationale for the lack of direct response often is “We’ve always done it that way” or “they’re a bunch of kooks.”

As we saw a generation ago, street theater can be turned into political muscle, especially when most of the country’s voters remain uninformed on the facts, and we have a weak-kneed Congress.

In the 1960s and 1970s the late President Richard Nixon questioned the commitment of “The Silent Majority” even as the vocal minority used media collaboration to give the impression that they owned the streets, and thus, the moral high ground.

We saw the results of this misguided policy in the communists’ murderous rampages in Southeast Asia after pro-communist groups prevailed upon the US Congress, mainly through street theater and accompanying media fraud. Congress abandoned our allies in that region and turned victory into defeat. “Kerry Lied, Millions Died” should have been the American rallying cry, instead of anti-American bombast and misrepresentations.

The previous generation’s shameful history of ceding the battlefield on the home front, while our warriors were winning all the battles in Vietnam, will not be repeated as a stain and dishonor on current warriors defending our freedom.

Kerry’s Vietnam Veterans Against the War has morphed into a gaggle of mimics, calling themselves Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). Using Kerry’s pro-communist VVAW as a model and Kerry as a mentor, the IVAW intends to hold a “Winter Soldier Investigation” on March 14, in Silver Springs, Maryland, alleging, as Kerry did in 1971, that US troops of this generation are war criminals.

But this time there will be another voice on the home front. My organization, Eagles Up, along with numerous other pro-troop groups, is working to put “boots on the ground” to expose the IVAW’s lies to America and the entire world. Our purpose is to counter and challenge IVAW Winter Soldier II (WSII) Testimony on March 14 by demanding "truth.”

The theory of WSII is that our warriors and government policy are encouraging atrocities and other criminal activity. But to prove such allegations, WSII must identify by time, date, and place, where such alleged atrocities occurred, and produce verifiable witnesses, as well as the on-site leadership associated with any criminal activity. Those who are "testifying” should be required to do so under oath, and submit to the same type of background checks that would be required in any worthy investigation or court of law.

Each witness should have to sign a Defense Department form SF-180 authorizing public viewing of military records; identify atrocities by time, date, place, witnesses, leadership/supervisors; and do so "under oath." It would also be reasonable to hear why atrocity(s), if testimony is given, was not officially reported at time of event. All testimony that fails to meet those criteria should be viewed as void and false.

Kerry’s VVAW Winter Soldier “testimony” was proved in virtually every single case to be false, unprovable, or delivered by impostors who stole the identity of real troops who were not aware of the VVAW or its “investigation.” But that information was not released until long after the damage had been done. We must not allow this mistake to be repeated.

Our second goal is to participate in a peaceful march in Washington, D.C. On March 15th that reflects a view of appreciation, uplifting, pride in America, our troops and families … not degrade, demean or denigrate our beloved nation, warriors and families. This will be a positive event with flags, banners, patriotic music, fellowship, and oriented for the entire family of patriots.

As I’ve suggested on many occasions, the only way to support our nation, our troops, families, our fallen, and make our point, send our message, and convince our citizens “America is worth fighting for,” is by putting our "boots on the ground."

We’ve done that over the last year throughout America, which has made a frightening and worrisome impression on the anti-America crowd. Our presence in Washington, D.C, on March 14 and 15 is a critically important event in the life of America, our troops, and our intent to keep honor with our current and fallen warriors. (See for details.)

Iraq Veterans Against War (IVAW), Code Pink, Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (A.N.S.W.E.R), Vietnam Veterans Against War (VVAW), CAIR, and God only knows the dozens of others, will try to paint our current generation of troops with the same broad lying brush with which John Kerry’s Winter Soldier Testimony of 1971 falsely painted our Viet Nam warriors.

Our message to these purveyors of appeasement and disloyalty is firm and uncompromising. Those that offer atrocity allegations or unsworn and undocumented testimony at the Winter Soldiers II Testimony at the National Labor College must meet our reasonable threshold of validation or be ignored.

America’s pro-troop organizations have shown several times over the past year that the streets do NOT belong to the anarchists, pro-terrorists, or warmed over communists. The streets are part of the battlefield in the War on Terror, as are the halls of Congress. As was shown at the March and September 2007 support America events, pro-troop patriotic Americans have learned from history and will be on hand to ensure that any claims of war crimes, atrocities or criminal activity must be verified.

We also will ensure that the names of those who claim they participated either directly or as accessories in atrocities will be reported to appropriate authorities for criminal prosecution. They will learn a hard and fast lesson: America expects the best from its military, and there is no Statute of Limitations for murder.

The time for talk, negotiation, sitting on the side-lines and watching anarchists tear our country apart ended March 2007. The time for action in support of America, our troops, families and fallen is long overdue. Those that would destroy our nation must be held accountable.

If you’re of the mind it’s time to stand-up, move forward in support of our nation, view the details at , then come lock arms with American defenders on March 14 and 15th in Washington, D.C.


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