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Who is funding their campaigns?


Top 10 Contributers to Both the Clinton and Obama Campaigns

Who is funding their campaigns?

The presidential campaigns of Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.) have raised a combined total of $272.8 million though the end of January 2008. Who’s funding their campaigns?

Below are the top 10 combined contributors to the Clinton and Obama campaigns, according to most recent data on, the website of the Center for Responsive Politics. (The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organizations’ PACs, individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families.)

1. Goldman Sachs — Total Contributed: $834,124
— Hillary Clinton: $413,361
— Barack Obama: $421,763

2. Citigroup, Inc. — Total Contributed: $572,473
— Hillary Clinton: $350,895
— Barack Obama: $221,578

3. Morgan Stanley –Total Contributed: $517,896
— Hillary Clinton: $362,700
— Barack Obama: $155,196

4. Lehman Brothers –Total Contributed: $492,500
— Hillary Clinton: $241,870
— Barack Obama: $250,630

5. JP Morgan Chase & Co.–Total Contributed: $458,728
— Hillary Clinton: $214,880
— Barack Obama: $243,848

6. National Amusements, Inc.–Total Contributed: $455,853
— Hillary Clinton: $210,010
— Barack Obama: $245,843

7. Skadden, Arps Et Al — Total Contributed: $364,216
— Hillary Clinton: $167,796
— Barack Obama: $196,420

8. Kirkland & Ellis –Total Contributed: $314,414
— Hillary Clinton: $179,676
— Barack Obama: $134,738

9. Time Warner — Total Contributed: $300,360
— Hillary Clinton: $144,977
— Barack Obama: $155,383

10. Merrill Lynch — Total Contributed: $269,442
— Hillary Clinton: $165,042
— Barack Obama: $104,400

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