Democrats: Too Busy to Keep Us Safe?

Hard Work: it’s the phrase that liberals love and that Bill Clinton captured for his own mythology. But understand, dear reader, it’s not the hard work that you or I do. It’s what passes for “work” in government. No matter what they are doing, they are working hard — regulating, legislating and invalidating the efforts of those of us who pull the cart in this nation. Consider some of the things the liberals in the Congress have been laboring over, in just the last 13 days or so:

• On Wednesday Barney Frank had time to hold hearings into how the United States Government can take over sub prime mortgages as federal liabilities.

• On Tuesday, Bart Stupak and John Dingus, err, uh, Dingell have had time to: take down Dr. Robert Jarvick as spokesman for Lipitor, claiming he is not a real practicing doctor –even though he has an MD?

• On Tuesday the Congress also had time to: Vote on two resolutions the 2009 inaugural — whoa, that was close.

• On Monday, the Congress tried to take down Angelo Mozillo of Countrywide and the CEO of Lehman Brothers over executive compensation?

• On Monday they also, held a hearing into meat packing plants in California…even though oversight worked just fine…they identified the bad actors out here — they were arrested and are being prosecuted.

• This week alone they have named 5 post offices.

In the past two weeks the Congress put in overtime- nearly cracking a sweat:

• Taking down Roger Clemens on a trumped up perjury charge stemming from whether or not he was at a pool party at Jose Canseco’s house nearly a decade ago?

• John Conyers and the Moveon.Org Caucus, had time to issue contempt of Congress citations against Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton?

Reviewing the list one issue stands out as noticeably absent: Fighting Al Qaeda in the form of reauthorizing warrant less wiretapping. Was it anywhere on the agenda? Nope. Sorry. Not important to us.

Before Congress adjourned for the sacred Valentine’s Day recess, Nancy Pelosi declared that the President was “misrepresenting the facts on our nation’s electronic surveillance capabilities.” She told the New York Times, “The president knows full well that he has all the authority he needs to protect the American people,” said Ms. Pelosi, then said, “President Bush tells the American people that he has nothing to offer but fear, and I’m afraid that his fear-mongering of this bill is not constructive.”

Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel, then pirouetted with, “This is not about protecting Americans. The president just wants to protect American telephone companies.”

This is legislative malpractice at its worst…but the justifications only got worse.

The most hilarious and simultaneously sickening explanation of this intransigence came not from a liberal Capitol Hill spokes-shill but rather from a recent caller to the Michael Reagan Show. Bobby, a liberal from Las Vegas (it might have been Harry Reid, who knows) declared that Liberals now have a mandate to end the war — in 2006 they were given the Congress and in 2008 they are giving Obama the White House. He argued that there is no mandate to spy on terrorists and no mandate to continue the war on terror. 

To Bobby from Vegas and to his liberal fellow travelers, I say this, when al-Qaeda hits the USA next, it will clear to victims and the loved ones of their victims who it was that ignored the warning signs and who fiddled while America was targeted: the Democrats in Congress. The Liberals in Congress were just too busy to care.