Neo-Paganists Ignore Human Misery, Choose Caribou

The Dow has plunged nearly 15% signaling a possible recession and many economists contend we are already in the early stages of one. No doubt the sub-prime credit debacle and the housing bubble it created are very much at fault, but so is the fact that oil rose to $100 per barrel.
Such high energy costs for gasoline and home heating fuel have forced many consumers to halt spending and many manufacturers are finding it tough to make a profit. Some Americans will lose their jobs. Those who have jobs will find it difficult to spend on their family when so much money must be set aside for transportation to work.
There is a simple and already available way to reduce the human hardship brought about by high gasoline and home heating prices: Alaska. We have in Alaska and off our coasts enough oil and natural gas, in existence already, to solve much of our energy problem. But liberals won’t allow it, for they have chosen the caribou over the human; they are more concerned about the migratory patterns of the caribou than the home-sweet-home of the average American.
Liberals made the same claim years ago regarding the Alaskan elk when Sohio began its drilling and pipeline in Alaska’s northern slope. Instead of diminishing, the herds actually grew five fold due to the soothing heat generated by the pipes, especially in winter. The herds stayed, basically, within a few miles radius, which is far better than most Americans who must move for a job every seven years. But facts don’t matter to those who have embraced an environmental dogmatism that places the well-being of animals above that of humans. They may say that is preposterous, but the facts in the Alaskan oil and gas issue speak otherwise.
We live in times in which the elites who already have money and power crave one thing more: moral superiority. Even if the caribou aren’t affected, it is necessary to advocate in the caribou’s behalf as a way of showing "how much I care" and "how sensitive and enlightened I am". However, such is not enlightenment but neo-paganism, reminiscent of cultures, such as ancient Egypt, that placed the crocodile above human or not-so-long-ago India that allowed its streets to be diseased and its people die rather than remove the carcass of the cow.
Meanwhile, the money we are sending to Arabia for its oil, instead of drilling our own Alaskan and coastal oil, is indirectly, and sometimes directly, going into the hands of the jihadist terrorists out to kill us. It is, also, financing the intended Islamization of America through the building of mosques and madrassas all over the Saudi Arabia, not to mention Saudi acquisition of many of the humanities departments in our colleges and universities. Our money spent for Islamic oil is underwriting and fueling the "soft" jihad.
Indeed, the very money we are sending to Arabia for its oil is now being used to buy up America — be it Citi Corp. or Merril Lynch, so that by the end of 2008 Arabia will, according to the Institute of International Finance, own over 2 trillion dollars worth of American companies. What makes a people ignore its own national security, ownership of its own companies and destiny, let alone the economic and social welfare of its people? Only something like a false faith, a nature worship over a God worship.
Today’s liberal, neo-paganism worships the non-human aspects of our world — animals and land. The comfort of the caribou is sacred, but killing the human fetus is no problem. Neo-paganists are litigating in Court against testing military-submarine sonar because confusing whales, even for a few days, is a greater issue than saving actual human life.
When Christianity in this country was classic and before Judaism had been co-opted by trendy, faddish yuppies, adherents to the Judeo-Christian ethic observed how the Bible set forth a hierarchy where Human’s needs superceded that of animal. And while human was to tend the Garden, all that was created before came in service to human. But we live in an age where a Princeton University ethicist can basically proclaim "a rat is a boy is a rat".
Worse, we live in an era in which, for lack of a strong inner identity, elites need to convince themselves and show off to others that they are morally superior to the average Joe — be it by choosing the caribou over humans, the jihadist terrorist over the innocent average American, or the illegal over the native son. This insecurity and moral confusion represents the greatest threat to this country’s, indeed the West’s, survival.