Clinton's 'Experience' Failures

“This. Is. Not. Happening.”

That’s what Hillary Clinton is screaming this week, after losing the last eight Democratic primaries and caucuses to that ungrateful upstart, Barack Obama. 

America seems poised to reject the House of Cards known as the House of Clinton.

Hillary tells us that she was no garden-variety First Lady. By her own admission, she was in on every major foreign and domestic policy decision of the first Clinton co-presidency (conversely, why does anyone think it would be any different for Bill with her at the top of the ticket?). Hence, the “experience” on which she is running.

The more I thought about that claim, the more I thought back to the legacies of a few other 20th century First Ladies. Eleanor Roosevelt was the first modern activist First Lady, an independent powerhouse who worked with refugees and children. Jackie Kennedy restored the White House to its former glory. Lady Bird Johnson spearheaded the Beautification of America program. Nancy Reagan drove the Just Say No to drugs program. Laura Bush is a powerful advocate for children’s literacy.

What is Hillary’s legacy as First Lady? What was her big achievement? What “experience” does she really have?
If she wants us to believe that she has that “experience,” then she should release all of her White House records so we can see that experience. With a single stroke of the pen, she could release her internal papers so we can evaluate that experience for ourselves. But she won’t do it. She won’t let us see the documentation of this so-called “experience.”
“I was an experienced First Lady,” she claims, “but I’m not going to show you what I did!”
She’s asking us to take her word for it.
OK, then. We’ll go through her record for her.
Health care reform. FAILURE.
The shootout at Waco, Texas, led by her choice for Attorney General, Janet Reno, that left 84 people — including federal agents and children — dead. FAILURE.
The 1993 al Qaeda bombing of the World Trade Center that left 7 Americans dead. There was no visit to the site by either of the co-presidents and no U.S. retaliatory response. FAILURE.
The 1998 al Qaeda bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. No U.S. retaliatory response. FAILURE.
The 2000 al Qaeda bombing of the USS Cole. No U.S. retaliatory response. FAILURE.
Sudan offered Osama bin Laden to the U.S. for extradition, and the co-presidents turned it down. FAILURE.
The CIA had bin Laden in its crosshairs multiple times, but the co-presidents wouldn’t pull the trigger. FAILURE.
Her choice for Attorney General, Ms. Reno, decided to launch an Easter Sunday kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez and send him back to the communist dictatorship in Cuba. FAILURE.
Her brothers were living in the White House, selling pardons out the back door to drug kingpins for $400,000, but she claims she didn’t know nothin’ about no pardons. FAILURE.
Speaking of pardons, Marc Rich. 
Speaking again of pardons, the FALN terrorists.
The transfer of high military technology to the Chinese Communists.
On their ignoring the genocide in Rwanda, her Intimate Loved One now says SHE would’ve acted faster than he did to stop it. Again, by her own admission, she weighed in on every major decision, so where was she on Rwanda? Why didn’t she speak out? FAILURE.
I could go on, but this is only an 800 word piece.
This is supposed to be the brilliant record we’re supposed to ratify. This is supposed to be the “experience” on which she’s running. Failure after failure. Corruption on top of corruption.
She’s asking Americans to forget about all of this. She’s put a high-gloss finish on a disastrous record, and asked us to forget it’s a pig because she’s applied some lipstick to it.
Now, to be fair to the Junior Senator from New York, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was a regular First Lady and not co-president. She left the White House (with a bunch of pilfered furniture), went hunting for a Senate seat, and got her own platform from which to establish her own record and accomplish great things.
Her only job in the Senate is to create, sponsor, and get passed legislation to help the American people. That’s it. She doesn’t have to work in a coal mine, or collect garbage at 4 am, or clean up dog poop. 
And yet, since she’s been in the Senate, she hasn’t had one major piece of legislation in her name. She has not written, sponsored, or gotten passed any legislation even remotely significant. She’s had a few routine bills related to 9-11 responders and got a post office renamed after Thurgood Marshall. But as you listen to all of the things she’s proposing to do as president, remember that she’s in the Senate NOW. She could push all of those things now. But she doesn’t.
All she has done since she got there is oppose President Bush — on Iraq, on judicial appointments, on everything. 
If you don’t want to look at her “record” as co-president, then look at her “record” in the Senate. It’s not even thin gruel. 
Her record is failure. And if not failure, then it is nothing.