What a Conservative Candidate Should Tell CPAC

Conservatives should stop looking for another Ronald Reagan and start  acting like him.
We admire my dad, Ronald Reagan, for what he stood for and what he was. He reached deep into our minds and hearts and put into words and action the things all conservatives know instinctively are right and just and necessary for a free people to govern themselves.
Ronald Reagan trusted his fellow Americans. Like Bill Buckley who once said "I would rather be governed by the first 2000 names in the Boston phone book than by the Harvard faculty," Ronald Reagan preferred being governed by everyday  Americans rather than by Washington intellectuals and bureaucrats and their unbelievably costly harebrained utopian schemes to create paradise on earth on the backs of hardworking taxpayers. 
With the men who founded this Republic, he recognized that governments, which by their very nature are driven to seek to constantly increase their power, are the natural enemies of liberty.
He dedicated himself to fighting to limit federal power, and opposed attempts to create programs that placed limits on freedom such as attacks on the 2Second Amendment right of citizens to bear arms, and on the Supreme Court’s rulings that legalized the murder of the unborn.
He was bitterly opposed to out-of-control government spending and was a proponent of lower taxes.  If we want to do what he sought to do, conservatives will bite the bullet and stand on the firing line and insist that all the steps needed to keep the United States from descending into Tthird Wworld status be taken and taken now.
Ronald Reagan was not afraid to tell the American people the truth, even when they did not want to hear it.
Today the truth is a bitter pill for the people of this former economic colossus to swallow, but the truth must be told if we are to survive.  We are at the end of our ropes.
As Pat Buchanan. The conservative’s voice of reason, just wrote:  “How can a government as deep in debt as this one, going deeper every day, with the Social Security-Medicare crisis looming, continue to borrow to fight wars, finance foreign aid and defend nations that refuse to make the sacrifices to defend themselves?”
How indeed?
Buchanan continued this mournful dirge for a fallen America by writing that we face both a fiscal crisis and a currency crisis.

Our dependence on foreign loans, foreign oil and foreign manufacturers is unprecedented.  We are being invaded from the Ssouth and seemingly lack the moral fiber to defend our home and throw out the intruders.  We have neither the men nor the weapons to honor all the treaty commitments and war guarantees we have given out to nations all over the world — and McCain plans to add several more.” 
That’s the God’s honest truth, and it hurts. 
Ronald Reagan would not have hesitated to tell his fellow Americans the whole bitter truth, because he trusted them to do what must be done to save their country. 
He would have insisted that we put an immediate halt to spending money we don’t have. He would have demanded that we do whatever must be done, no matter how difficult it might appear to be, to take the steps, some of them unpleasant, to save Social Security and Medicare before they come crashing down around our ears.
My dad would be fighting to stop taking steps that limit freedom such as foolish and unnecessary government regulations, many of which have driven businesses and jobs abroad in an attempt to please the insatiable appetite of environmentalist radicals and Ssocialist small business haters.
Ronald Reagan would devote himself to reducing the size of the federal government, getting rid of unnecessary government departments and agencies, and he would be fighting to end the tyranny of an unjust income tax system that punishes initiative and hard work and forces Americans to spend the fruits of five months of their labor to bear the tax burden.
Ronald Reagan would demand that the United  States live within its means.
The man whose words and actions finally brought down the Evil Empire would be warning friends and allies alike that the United States will henceforth put our own interests ahead of any others. 
Friends and allies alike would be put on notice that the responsibility for their safety and security rest on their shoulders alone.  We will no longer patrol the international beat as the world’s policemen unless our national interests are clearly involved.
My father would never have tried to force the American people to swallow an immigration bill espousing amnesty for illegal aliens and handing them American citizenship on a sliver platter.  He would never co-sponsored legislation  putting  limits on free speech in a campaign- finance bill masquerading as an anti-corruption measure.
He would have insisted that there should be consequences for seeking to force the American people into accepting  20 million illegal aliens as citizens..
My father also understood what it meant to campaign on what you accomplished today, not on what you may have done decades ago.  And you didn’t score added points with him by being pro- life and supporting a strong National Defense.  To him, if you were pro-life and in favor of a strong  National Defense establishment it showed you were simply a good conservative American with a lot of common sense. 
Finally, Ronald Reagan would stand on this podium and tell his fellow conservatives to stop whining and bickering among themselves about John McCain and get down to the business of planning to defeat him by picking the conservative alternative either in the primaries, or and at the party’s national convention.
And he would remind you that you can’t stop somebody with nobody.