Regnery Signs Book Deal with Blackwater's Reclusive CEO

Regnery Publishing today announced that it has signed a contract with Erik Prince, Chairman and CEO of Blackwater Worldwide. Prince’s book, tentatively titled We Are Blackwater, will be released this summer. It is the only insider’s account of the controversial company that has supplied bodyguards and support-and-rescue personnel to hot spots around the world, including the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq.
Prince, a former Navy SEAL, will reveal how he created Blackwater, refute criticisms of the company, and take the reader on thrilling Blackwater missions into hostile territory, from rescuing teenage missionaries in Africa, to helicoptering wounded Marines to safety, to inventing, testing, and manufacturing armored vehicles to better protect our troops in the field.

The Blackwater founder doesn’t shy away from controversy. He rebuts the criticism — largely from the Left — about Blackwater being a renegade outfit of “mercenaries” and “war profiteers.” He shows how Blackwater has handled protection, rescue, and supply assignments that even our military can’t.

We Are Blackwater is the untold story about what is perhaps the most controversial company in the world.