Regnery Authors' Lawsuit Dismissed

A federal judge yesterday dismissed the lawsuit filed late last year by five disgruntled authors against Eagle Publishing, the parent company of conservative book publisher Regnery Publishing.

“We are vey pleased with the judge’s dismissal of the lawsuit,” said Marji Ross, president and publisher of Regnery.  “We work hard to make every book we publish into a best-seller, and to make every Regnery author both successful and satisfied.” 

Indeed, Regnery has had a remarkable string of bestsellers in recent years, putting together a track record that is unmatched in the book publishing industry.  During the past six years, several New York publishing giants have launched conservative imprints to compete head-to-head with Regnery, but of the 72 conservative books that have hit the New York Times bestseller list since 2002, 23 were published by Regnery — an astonishing 32%, and far more than any other publisher in the country.  This despite the fact that Regnery publishes a small fraction of the number of books published by its competitors, such as Random House or Penguin.  The “second-best” conservative imprint had only six bestsellers in the same period.

The group of authors in the lawsuit was led by former Regnery author Richard Miniter, who acted in apparent retribution against Regnery. Regnery is pursuing Miniter via arbitration after Miniter walked out in the middle of a two-book deal.  Miniter had signed a two-book contract with Regnery, but only delivered one book before signing a new contract with Simon & Schuster for the same book he had already sold to Regnery.  Ironically, S&S has reportedly now cancelled their contract with Miniter for non-delivery.

“We tried everything we could think of in order to resolve the situation with Rich,” said Ross, “but once we found out he had actually signed a contract with another publisher while he still had a contract with us, we felt we had no choice but to file an arbitration suit against him.  It just wasn’t right for him to keep our advance and theirs.”

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