On Fred Thompson's Withdrawal

HUMAN EVENTS, is saddened by Fred Thompson’s announcement today that he has withdrawn from the presidential race, because we had hoped he would achieve the high office he sought.  Nonetheless we are proud of our endorsement of him because he remained true to the principles we saw in him, principles that made the former Tennessee senator the most solid conservative in the race.  His presence in the presidential contest and his contributions in the debates increased the other candidates’ attention to the conservative solutions to the problems the nation faces.

We wish Sen. Thompson a successful and influential future and we hope he will continue to take an active role in the 2008 campaign, tugging the eventual Republican nominee to the right by setting forth the conservative positions on matters such as the war, illegal immigration, Social Security and reform of America’s intelligence community and many more.

For the many “Fredheads” out there, you can send your best wishes to Sen. Thompson by e-mailing him at his campaign website.