Another Sign of the Times

Why do conservatives spend so much time and energy on the New York Times? Simple: it’s the first newspaper we think of when we consider the political activism of the press. It’s as if the Times is aiming to damage our nation. It’s published our nation’s most closely-held secrets (the Times published both the NSA terrorist surveillance program and the cooperation of the Belgian SWIFT consortium which was aiding in tracing terrorist financing, both leaks severely damaging national security). And when it’s not publishing leaked secrets, the Times is adding to the public debate by publishing ads like the infamous “Petraeus – Betray Us” ad which called our most distinguished soldier a traitor.

Now the times has chosen to libel our soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq entitled Across America, Deadly Echoes of Foreign Battles attempts to use crimes allegedly committed by returning vets over the past seven years as further proof of the inherent rot that is the US military. It seems the scholars discovered that there had been 121 homicides committed by our former fighters following their combat duties; the authors regaled their readers with the bloody details of those soldiers’ crimes, immediately — of course — concluding that their murderous behavior just had to be the result of the dehumanizing experiences they had suffered while working for the evil George W. Bush and his warmongering generals. I’m not kidding. That was their conclusion. Ordinary folk turned into homicidal freaks by their service in the war against Islamic fascism; the theme was clear, the tales gory, and of course, the conclusions as preposterous as they were transparent. Transparent, that is, to the loathing and the contempt that the statists at the NYT have for everything military and really, everything American.

Others have chronicled the absurd conclusions and even done some real thinking on the subject of just what this list of military personnel-related killing means, so I’ll not dwell there for long. Suffice it to say that, given the some 700,000+ personnel who have so far served in one or both theaters of war, the vast majority of whom have been between the ages of 18 and 24 years, an equation of 121 homicides over a denominator of such magnitude as 700,000 tells a very different story than the one the Times would spin. In point of fact, given that the general population of that age group of American males commit something like about 27 homicides per 100,000, the incidence of such crimes among the returning military population is infinitesimal by comparison.

An honest journalist would have concluded that, far from a bunch of crazed murderers, our servicemen and women are instead many times less likely to commit such crimes than is the non-military population. Hmm. . .so why no such headline from the Times? Therein lies the real — and ugly — truth, not about soldiers and murder but instead about the New York Times, the liberal media in general, and most important, the true pernicious character of the American Left.

There is, imbedded in the very DNA of Leftists everywhere a built-in animosity for the just about everything this country — or free people anywhere — have ever done. No accomplishment of good can overshadow the cynicism and outright hatred they feel toward this grand experiment in liberty; if we feed the poor, we poison the environment with genetically altered corn and beans to do it; if we discover a cure for some awful disease, we ravage the laboratory rats to accomplish such a marginal good. And if we kill a tyrant and save a people from his boot heal, we mistreat his poor misguided thugs in the process.

The point is a simple one, supported by millions of words and images each day; the Left, no matter whether in the person of one of the Three Liberal Stooges running for President on the Democratic side, the henchmen of defeat in the leftist majority of our Congress, the fools who infest Hollywood or their faithful and dutiful apologists in the media, doesn’t believe America is different from any other nation. And because they don’t believe we’re different — or better — they don’t believe it’s worth fighting for. Which is their real argument with the men and women defending our freedom today.