Clinton v. Obama: Who is Black Enough?

Apparently Hillary Clinton thinks she is a better African-American candidate than Barack Obama.  After all, she is married to the first black President of the United States.  But Hillary Clinton has become the unfair victim of a black man conspiring to become the first authentic black president: a man who has the utter gall to think he can compete against a white woman.

That’s right, Barack Obama, a real black man, is running against the wife of the first black president.  What utter nerve; what unmitigated gall from an upstart who thinks he can take on the first American Eurocrat and actually beat her in the primaries.

If Barack Obama thought he could take on the pantsuited Hillary he has another thing coming.  Hillary Clinton tried to put Obama in his place and it backfired enormously.  Obama, who spoke about Martin Luther King’s march on Washington in the context of his own campaign for president, was scolded by Hillary who said that if it not for Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream and the Civil Rights Act would never have happened.

Mrs. Clinton, naturally,  managed to not mention one big detail:  if not for the Republican Party backing and pushing LBJ to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that bill would have been poison penned by Democrats in the Congress and Senate.  Republicans — the party of the Emancipation Proclamation – wanted Civil Rights more than Democrats — the party of slavery.

Civil Rights did not start with Lyndon Johnson, it started with Frederick Douglass, a black man, and his abolition movement against slavery that created the first Civil Rights Bill at the end of the Civil War to give all black Americans citizenship.  Douglas, the black republican abolitionist, was an presidential advisor to Abraham Lincoln, the white republican president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation.  That act set the groundwork for Dr. King 100 years earlier. 

All the Clintons have done is scam America with socialized liberalism keeping low-income blacks where the Clintons want them: beholden to Democrats and certain to vote for Hillary. 

Bill Clinton has made talk radio rounds accusing Barack Obama of racially attacking Hillary while claiming Obama’s campaign is nothing but a fairy tale. 

The truth is Hillary Clinton is desperate to win the presidency.  She is desperate enough to play the race card as well as she played the tear card in New Hampshire.  Underhandedness is not beneath Hillary Clinton who’s angry she may lose the nomination to an upstart (who is, to paraphrase Bill, younger, taller and a man) who does a better imitation of President Kennedy than Bill Clinton ever did.

Just imagine the indignation Hillary Clinton must be experiencing when she watches Barack Obama speak and hears Americans compare him to Dr. King and JFK.  Those comparisons belong solely to her “black” husband.  After all, it was Bill Clinton who so admired President Kennedy, he wanted to become president; it was Bill and Hillary Clinton who resurrected Camelot; and it was the Clintons Americans used to refer to as the new Jack and Jackie.  And what about all those expensive vacations the Clintons took in Martha’s Vineyard?  Didn’t they rebrand the Clintons as Kennedys? 

Unfortunately for Hillary, Michelle Obama does a far better impersonation of Jackie Kennedy than Hillary ever will.  And worse for Hillary: Michelle Obama can actually pull it off in a skirt.

And let’s not forget the Obama’s have two cute little kids for fabulous photo-ops — think Jack and Jackie. 

By now the infamous Clinton Oval Office Lamp Wars have probably resumed in the New York home. The pace and frequency of them will be determined by the consistency and timing of Bill’s slips of the tongue making Hillary look foolish.

Bill Clinton was supposed to be Hillary’s winning ace in the hole.  Now he’s making Ron Paul look good.

Nothing is beneath the woman who turned a blind eye to every woman beneath her husband in order to get into the White House in 1992 and 1996.  Our imagination doesn’t reach what she is capable of in desperation to win the White House term she thinks she is owed.

The problem for Hillary Clinton is she is up against an attractive, smart black man who is outclassing both her and her juvenile delinquent hubby.  Hillary Clinton is so obsessed with winning the presidency, her remarks about Martin Luther King, Jr’s ineffectiveness may presage a Howard Dean moment.  If Obama beats here in South Carolina, we may be treated to another Democrat performing a primal scream for the television cameras.  I can’t wait.


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