Denial's Death Star

In the world of developmental disability, there is no development more dangerous than denial. It is the unconscious decision to relinquish rational thinking. Suspending the capacity for rational decision making strips the human of the armor that otherwise protects us from predators of all kinds. In the alcoholic’s world, denial  gives permission to take another slurp of the predatory poison. In the smoker’s world, denial is the green light to keep on sucking on the cylinder containing the  predatory carcinogens. In the oil addicted world that we all live in, denial allows us to shrug off three facts of life that allows a predatory ideology to become an existential threat.

Fact #1

Addiction to Oil grants  Middle eastern wealth the power to attack us.  Tens of billions of Saudi  Petro dollars have pumped up the Wahabbi version of Islam in a nuclear Pakistan. Saudi money pays for  indoctrination, training, bullets, bombs, regime change and ultimately global change.

Fact #2

Addiction to Oil means  Saudi Arabia  now owns so much of the debt incurred by the world’s only superpower, that it is now worth questioning whether the real centre of authority in our universe has shifted from the United States to Saudi Arabia. Washington may be the big dog. But  Jeddah jerks the chain.

Fact #3

Addiction to Oil means the world continue to give the meglamaniacs of Iran the longest leash possible. While the denialists and apologists continue to rationalize their inaction, Iran continues to enrich  uranium and defile the neighborhood by sending weapons and agents to  surrogates in Syria and Lebanon and Gaza. The mission is clearer than a church bell. The plan is to liquidate the six million Jews of Israel, people that Islamicist propaganda characterizes as  swine.  Attacking Israel can bring about the armageddon that radicals fantasize about on the thousands of websites  populated by people who are convinced that the  path to heaven is paved with the  corpses of infidels. Their guiding star is a death star. They are nourished by it. But we refuse to look at it.

What else does denial ignore? One could add facts about high gas prices attacking personal incomes  and a decline in the quality of the air we breathe. But when dealing with an addict deep in the bowels of denial, if the nuclear threat doesn’t concentrate the addled mind, why worry about bankrupting motorists and coughing kids?