Happy Election Year?

So it’s New Year’s Eve.  Well, it’s about time.

Watching 2007 go out the door brings the same sense of relief that would accompany the departure of mother in law Jane Fonda.  But as 2008 slides in past the departing mess, let’s approach it as a boxer would an opponent in the ring:  let’s circle it, test it with a few jabs between now and Tsunami Tuesday and establish a pace that we can maintain through a win in November.  Get ready for an eleven-month sprint.

2007 ends as it began, with many young Americans far from home, defending our freedoms against those who would end our way of life.  Some died in our service this year, and many more were wounded.  We must resolve to neither forget them nor forgive the enemy.  This war is a long way from won, and until it is none of us can rest. 

But despite what Harry Reid said the war isn’t lost, either.  New York’s most media-hungry senator (no, the other one: Chuckie Schumer) said that violence in Iraq was declining despite the surge, not because of it.  But in willful disregard of the Dems’ desires, Gen. David Petraeus is winning in Iraq, conducting a brilliant counterinsurgency unequaled in the post-World War II era. 

They say that when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown in 1781 the British band played, “The World Turned Upside Down.”  (Cue the orchestra, please.)  In 2007 the most upbeat, pro-American speech given in the US Congress was spoken by the President of France. For those of us who still think of Paris as the capital of the Axis of Cheese, it was almost too much.
It’s unfair to compare the Dems’ speeches to Sarkozy’s, so let’s begin.  Barack Obambi has concluded that after 9-11, wearing an American flag lapel pin became a substitute for patriotism, so “I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest.” Which qualifies him as a Belgian (i.e., someone who can’t make the grade to be French).  Not that anyone cares, but Belgium has been unable to form a government all year and the country may dissolve.  Maybe they’ll organize the Duchy of Grand Fenwick in its place.

Mizz Clinton — having satisfied her brain trust by calling Gen. Petraeus a liar — informed us that, “I have a million ideas. The country can’t afford them all.” November Sierra, Hillary.  As Rudy said, we can’t afford any of your ideas.

Bulletin for Pinch, MoDo and Jill, Brian, Katie and the rest of the Dems’ amen media chorus:  2007 was a good year for conservatives, even if it wasn’t for President Bush.  And it was a really lousy year for liberals.  We conservatives rose up in our powerful voice and buried the Bush-McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill just like we sent Hapless Harriett to the showers, not the Supreme Court.  Congressional conservatives — the list fortunately too long to reprint here — got what we needed in Round 1 on the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act, killed Dickie Durbin’s “DREAM”, and beat back so many Dem efforts to impose defeat in Iraq we lost count.

Let us be grateful that Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius, will still be Senate Majority Leader when Congress returns.  Reid is probably the worst Senate leader in the history of the Republic and Mitch McConnell — who runs rings around Reid without squawking “beep beep” — will keep killing every bit of nonsense the libs try to slip past.  Nancy and the Murthacrats ain’t faring any better. 

The news isn’t all good.  The new National Intelligence Estimate — apparently written posthumously by John Lennon — assures us that Iran is really not so bad.  The only thing it didn’t say was that Ahmadinejad is a poor misunderstood terrorist who probably was abused as a child. Give peace a chance. Great idea, as soon as we impose defeat on the enemy.

The New York Times stayed its hyperliberal course by publishing the infamous “Petraeus-Betray Us” ad.  Which Texas Sen. John Cornyn promptly hung around Hillary’s neck: she voted against his resolution condemning the ad. (Obambi cut and ran.  He didn’t even vote on the resolution.)  And we can’t end the year without  remembering that the UN’s own Super Genius — Secretary General Ban Ki Moon — blamed the Darfur genocide on global warming.  (I wonder how many I’ve killed by driving my 500-horsepower Mustang).  

Liberals won’t get better mileage on their agenda next year. Maybe they’ll all set sail on “Earthrace”, a globaloney trimaran propelled by Al Gore’s Nobel and liposuction.  The owners of the boat, according to the Daily Mail, will try for the round-the-world speed record using fuel made from human fat.  My favorite thermodynamicist calculates they could make an Atlantic crossing on Rosie O’Donnell alone.  Add Michael Moore and they could circumnavigate the globe twice.

Though we have to work tirelessly to win the election, we should remember Sun Tzu’s admonition that when the adversary is destroying himself, we should not interfere.

Last week, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) pointed out what we’ve been saying all year: that Hillary is unqualified to be president. 

Dodd said, “Laura Bush is a wonderful person, a delightful first lady, but I don’t think anyone would assume necessarily she is ready to be president of the United States…the idea that, for the last 10 or 15 years, because you’ve been next to events as they’ve unfolded somehow qualifies you to do this job is an exaggeration. That’s not experience. That’s witnessing experience.”  Chris, if you weren’t a pure-as-Ivory Soap lib, we’d love ‘ya.

In the presidential race, let’s enter 2008 with confidence.  The award for the best line on the campaign so far goes to Mort Kondracke.  He said that if someone put a gun to his head and demanded he name the Republican nominee in 2008, he’d say, “go ahead and shoot.”  Don’t let ‘em shoot, Mort. The choices range from pretty good to pretty terrific.  (And to those of you e-mailing comments suggesting that I run, I say “nyet, comrades.” Not no way, not no how.)  There’s no need. And yesterday we saw why Hillary won’t be president.

Fred Thompson’s message to Iowa voters cut a conservative path to the White House:

"You know, when I’m asked which of the current group of Democratic candidates I prefer to run against, I always say it really doesn’t matter. Because these days all those candidates, all the Democratic leaders, are one and the same.   They’re all NEA,, ACLU, Michael Moore Democrats.   They’ve allowed these radicals to take control of their party and dictate their course."  

That’s the core of a campaign strategy that can beat any of the Democrats in November because it’s true. They’re a bunch of fungible liberals.  Will Thompson’s speech resonate with Iowa caucus-goers?  It will, for a host of reasons.  Iowa just got interesting. 

Forget the holiday. All leaves are cancelled. As we set sail into the election year, sound general quarters.  The USS Conservatism is at battle stations from now until the smoke clears on the morning after the election. Sharpen the cutlasses, issue a brace of pistols to all hands, and load with chain shot, for I mean to grapple and board.

All of us, especially those in the media, have to be fast and accurate.  Let no media-contrived story go unchallenged, no Democrat allowed to speak untruths without being slapped with the facts.  This is the fight we were born for, folks.  Play the deguello: quarter will not be asked or given.  This is one we have to win, and we will. All hands on deck.