Clinton II: Deja- Vu All Over Again

The years 1992-2000 represent foreclosure on an American Age of Reason ushered in by John F. Kennedy’s call for a man on the moon. The domestic dissolution was exemplified in the human husks left in the Clinton’s wake: Paula Jones, Kathleen Willy, Wanita Broderick, Monica Lewinski, Vince Foster, an Attorney General, a Secretary of State, a NATO commander, a couple of Defense Secretaries, a political party…and the American people…. All were fodder and throw-away props to a First Family that cared little for anything beyond its personal aggrandizement.

“Triangulation” was a term used to describe consensus angles, the tactic of playing one competing element against another, in essence, playing the ends against the middle with no underlying principles other than public approval. It was during the nineties that the Armed Forces were sacrificed to social tinkering, al-Qaeda was left alone to plot our murder, while the Justice Department preventing the sharing of terrorist Intelligence with Law Enforcement.
All eight years were a precursor to the inevitability of events on 9/11. The Clinton Administration –“Clinton I” — ignored all terror attacks after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993. As the Lewinski scandal broke, Clinton I launched Tomahawk missile attacks against terror training camps…and an aspirin factory in the Sudan, killing a night watchman. We became the laughing stock of al-Qaeda whose 9/11 Saudi perpetrators trained to fly in the United States and raised only one set of eyeballs, those of a FBI field agent whose alarm was ignored. Later investigation revealed a cultural thread equal to “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” The Justice Department didn’t want to know. And the Deputy Attorney General, instead of being investigated herself, was invited to sit on the 9/11 Commission. “Tail wagging the dog?” Clinton I had more important things on its plate, namely avoiding impeachment.

What can we expect with “Clinton II?” Apart from an impeached ex-president as First Husband, can we anticipate more futures trades, more “File-gate,” another “Travel-gate,” another shot at socialized medicine, drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens (which she now says she opposes),, more lapsed billing records, another multi-million book deal, more presidential pardons for convicted felons, pardons for convicted Puerto Rican terrorists, overnights for supporters in the Lincoln Bedroom, White House passes for the Thomasons, a bunk bed for her shoddy brother, and Charlie Tree back in the Commerce Department with a  security clearance.  

There will be new Chinese fund raisers at White House dinners with photos in The Washington Post social section, maybe a Buddhist monk delivering the inaugural invocation, midnight pizza parties in the White House basement, and finally, Clinton I sitting in on high-level policy meetings. As a summer bug is drawn to light, Clinton I is drawn to wonk meetings. Will Clinton II bar him from attending?

If you thought Clinton I was a sitcom, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! First order of business will be to fire all the sitting federal attorneys appointed by Bush. Worked once, can do it again.

The Clinton II cabinet should be a laugher, too. Top two: Richard Holbrooke at State, Wesley Clark at Defense. Will some of the Clinton I team get tapped? Stay tuned! If anyone thought the Nineties were a sticky mess, stand by. Like the old Fram oil filter advertisement: “Pay me now, or pay me later.” Well, we’ve already paid once; now we’re poised to pay twice for the same lousy service? “Two for the price of one” is a bargain we can do without.
A nod to experience…or the lack thereof: watching your husband run a state, several elections, and sit in the White House in no way qualifies Mrs. Clinton for president. Getting New Yorkers to vote for you after you’ve garnered the Hispanic vote by freeing terrorists and the Manhattan vote by pardoning a few Hasidic Jews does not a leader make — especially since you didn’t do the pardoning. Running the White House kitchen staff (which, in her case, was comprised of firing the chef) is not rocket science.. Engineering the theft of White House furniture takes more moxie; but wait, you were found out and had to return it all.

Of all the presidents I’ve seen over my seventy-year lifetime, some were better than others, politics notwithstanding. I went to Jimmy Carter’s university but have to agree, he wasn’t a very good president. Clinton I was worse in my view. At least Jimmy was “born again,” moral, honest — just incompetent. Clinton II will trump Clinton I and we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

Finally, with Clinton II, nothing will be done to counter al-Qaeda. The blarney about reenergizing America’s allies, again, is all horse dung; France and Germany came back. Putin, Time’s “Man of the Year,” is laughable, but what did you expect?  Guaranteed, if there’s a Clinton II win, a Hillary “Woman of the Year” 2009 is a sure thing for being the first woman president.  Personally, I can wait.