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A quick reference for political junkies...


HUMAN EVENTS Primaries and Caucuses Map

A quick reference for political junkies…

U.S. Map

January 3: Iowa caucuses
January 5: Wyoming caucuses (R)
January 8: New Hampshire primary
January 15: Michigan primary
January 19: Nevada caucuses
South Carolina primary (R)
January 26: South Carolina primary (D)
January 29: Florida primary
February 1: Maine caucuses (R)
February 5: Super Tuesday
Alabama primary
Alaska caucuses
Am. Samoa caucuses
Arizona primary
Arkansas primary
California primary
Colorado caucuses
Connecticut primary
Delaware primary
Georgia primary
Idaho caucuses (D)
Illinois primary
Kansas caucuses (D)
Minnesota caucuses
Missouri primary
Montana caucuses
New Jersey primary
New Mexico primary (D)
New York primary
North Dakota caucuses
Oklahoma primary
Tennessee primary
Utah primary
W. Virginia convention
February 5-12: Democrats Abroad
February 9: Kansas caucuses (R)
Louisiana primary
Nebraska caucuses
Virgin Islands caucuses
Washington caucuses
February 10: Maine caucuses (D)
February 12: D.C. primary
Maryland primary
Virginia primary
February 19: Hawaii caucuses (D)
Washington primary
Wisconsin primary
February 24: Puerto Rico primary
March 4: Massachusetts primary
Ohio primary
Rhode Island primary
Texas primary
Vermont primary
March 8: Wyoming caucuses (D)
March 11: Mississippi primary
April 22: Pennsylvania primary
May 3: Guam caucuses
May 6: Indiana primary
North Carolina primary
May 13: Nebraska primary
West Virginia primary
May 17: Hawaii convention
May 20: Kentucky primary
Oregon primary
May 27: Idaho primary (R)
June 3: Montana primary
New Mexico primary (R)
South Dakota primary
June 28: Nebraska convention
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