Top 10 Christmas Gifts We Don't Want

Compiled by the editors of HUMAN EVENTS:

10. Have Your Wife Fight Your Battles for You: The John Edwards Military Strategy Handbook

9. The 2008 National Organization of Women Swimsuit Calendar

8. “Hillary Clinton’s Dramatic Readings of the 10 Greatest Speeches in American History” Two-Disc Set

The Dennis Kucinich Unidentified Frying Object Vegetarian Hibachi Grill

6. A Home Visit by the Ron Paul Blimp

5. The Collected Works of Neil Kinnock edited by Joe Biden

4. Anything That Contains the Words “Universal” and “Comprehensive” or That Claims to be “For the Children”

3. Five Hundred Shares of New York Times Common Stock

Free Membership in the National Education Association

A Teddy Bear Named Muhammad