Dumbo Drop Meets Eagle Claw

Hyperliberal, loud mouth Rosie O’Donnell was attacked over the holiday, resulting in her mouth being sewn shut by surgeons. Unfortunately — while accurate — that lede was only a summary of a Rosie appearance on Fox’s racy series “Nip/Tuck.” Even if it was fiction, it was still a pleasure to watch.

Even more pleasing (at least for conservatives) was her assailant: a bald eagle.

Yes that’s right, Rosie is hang-gliding when America’s national symbol viciously (I say valiantly) claws through her glider and scratches her face off. Brilliant — and it gets better.

Rosie’s injuries leave her in need of plastic surgery on her lips; the surgeons inform Rosie that while healing her mouth will be sewn shut for 2 weeks. Thank the Lord, someone finally shut this woman up. Later in the show she is clobbered by a large industrial lamp hanging from the ceiling; unfortunately it doesn’t kill her.

While the action in this episode is probably some Hollywood genius’ idea of a clever way to symbolize Rosie’s critics — or even a statement about censorship from Rosie herself (Rosie posted an outtake from filming the episode on her blog prior to the episode airing) my perception — and others — found it very entertaining and even a little funny. Who wouldn’t pay big bucks to see Rosie hang-gliding? Did they have to use a truck-sized ‘chute?

I don’t watch "Nip/Tuck" regularly — but Rosie character “Dawn Budge” has bad luck. If that means she’ll be thumped again, I’ll be back for more.