Kosovo and Israel

Let’s face it: Americans don’t care about Kosovo.

So I want to talk about Kosovo today in a way that may help you care. If for no other reason, you should care because your government is about to shape the destiny of this province in Serbia in a way that is, well, immoral, illegal and counterproductive, to say the least.

For starters, Kosovo is, and always has been, a part of Serbia. Its population is mostly Muslim and ethnically Albanian, in part because of a campaign of anti-Christian persecution that has continued even under the watchful eye of the United Nations and NATO since 1999.

Apparently George Bush and Condoleezza Rice believe America can win good will with radical Muslims around the world by creating a new state for them in Europe by ripping a province away from the predominantly Christian country of Serbia.

Think about this: Globalists such as Bush and Rice are promoting mergers and the integration of sovereign nations into ever larger superstates and, at the same time, breaking apart tiny states such as Serbia and Israel into even smaller pieces based on religious identity and ethnic issues.

Why, on the one hand, does George Bush see no problem in welcoming tens of millions of Spanish-speaking Mexicans into the U.S. without regard to our laws but insists Arabs who recently moved into land controlled by Jewish Israel should have their own independent state? Is this consistent? Will Bush turn around at some time in the future and apply the same self-determination rules to his own country, creating an independent Spanish-speaking state?

Supporters of Israel should be especially concerned about what is taking place in Kosovo. This is proving ground for the New World Order. Do you think the U.S. and the Western world should have the power to break apart sovereign nations that pose no threat whatsoever, carving them up and creating new states out of existing ones? I don’t think so.

It’s a power grab. And it is wrong. Where does this stop? If the New World Order crowd gets away with it in Kosovo, as soon as next month, will Israel even need to agree to future land grabs by world powers? Serbia doesn’t agree.

I want to go on record right now: I object to my government’s participation in this fraud, this meddling, this unlawful intrusion into the affairs of a sovereign nation posing no threat to its neighbors.

By the way, this is going to be done over the strong objection of Russia — a longtime, historic ally of Serbia.

I thought Bush was interested in improving relations with his buddy Vladimir Putin. Why is he sticking his finger in his eye over a piece of real estate that means nothing to the interests of the United States? Why is he siding with radical Islamists against pro-Western Christians in the Balkans?

Let me explain, again, in case the Bush administration has missed my many previous explanations of why this policy will come back to haunt the U.S.

The Islamist world Bush seeks to mollify and appease with this strategy will not recognize this effort as an act of good will; it will see it as a retreat by the West. It will see it as a victory for its cause and its tactics — namely terrorism. That’s how mujahedeen see concessions of any kind. Once they have Kosovo, their demands for more territory will increase.

Already, even under NATO-U.N. control, Kosovo resembles a jihadist state. The Saudis are building fabulous new mosques. Ancient churches are being torn down. Armed militias roam the countryside intimidating the minority population of Christians.

If anyone should be able to recognize the danger of U.S. meddling in Kosovo, it is supporters of Israel. What’s happening in Europe is a warning shot of what is to come in the Middle East.

I know it’s off your radar screen. I know you feel as if you have more important things to worry about. I know the fix is in. But it’s time for Americans to stand up and scream about what their government has been doing, is doing and is about to do in Serbia with Kosovo.

Time is running out.