Thanking Our Veterans

"If you enjoy your freedom, thank a vet.”  I read this and can barely hold back the tears.  I feel that, because I am a military wife and I know exactly what it means.

It is Veterans Day, and for so many, it is just another long weekend, a day off from work.
It is Veterans Day.  On this day our every thought should be remembering those who so bravely fought for the very freedom we enjoy.  For every American, this day should be about educating ourselves and others on why we celebrate this national holiday.  On this day we express gratitude to those who continue to give up their every comfort and leave their family homes to protect the country we and they hold so dear.  The men and women in uniform — past and present — are the reason why America is and always will be known as the greatest nation on earth.

Not a day goes by when I don’t do or hear something that reinforces the respect I already hold for those who put their lives on the line. Every day they carry out selfless acts for their country and every American.  For me, simply entering a military base or going to the commissary can be an incredibly patriotic experience. 

As a military wife, I cherish every moment of my husband’s willingness to share with me his experiences during his tours of duty.  They are all memories a fighting man, a veteran of war.

My husband is Captain Duncan Hunter, of the Marine Corps artillery currently serving his third tour of duty in the Middle East since 9/11.  He, like so many others, made a split-second decision to become a part of the great American fighting force against terrorism.   I can only imagine the amount of fear and intimidation that came with having to show that you are strong enough to stand along-side those who already proudly wear the uniform.    There is a history of military service in the Hunter family.  Duncan’s grandfather, Robert O. Hunter was an artillery officer during World War II, and his father, Congressman Duncan Hunter, an Army Ranger during Vietnam.

Each of these men served honorably and well and in their own way helped shape the course of our nation.  They served with a profound respect for other veterans and for the military leaders of our nation.  They shared a deep love for our country and for the principles it has always stood for:  faith, family, freedom and individual responsibility.
So many fought and died so that others can live in enduring freedom.  There is no greater sacrifice than laying down your life for another.

“Remember those who have served and those who have fallen — their names are chiseled on the roll call of America’s heroes.” 
                   — General James T. Conway, Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps.

God Bless our Veterans.


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