John O'Neill: Letter to the New York Times

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  Yesterday, the New York Times – probably the most liberal paper in America — published an article about the lawsuit brought by five disgruntled authors against Regnery Publishing’s parent company (which also owns Human Events, and which has published three of my books).  The story — apparently peddled to any number of news outlets — has only been given attention by the Times.  It’s not hard to see why.

The Times is the most flagrant example of media activists: they have one foot in the news business and the other in political advocacy promoting liberals and bashing conservatives.  The Times is notorious for ignoring conservative books on its review page.  It’s no surprise, then, that the story the Times saw “fit to print” is the one it was told by the plaintiffs flakking their lawsuit to make the leading conservative book publisher appear in a bad light.

John O’Neill, the heroic author of Unfit for Command —  one of Regnery’s most successful books ever — tells the real story.  O’Neill was recruited by those bringing the lawsuit, but refused to join them in what he calls a “meritless” suit that makes “absolutely no sense.”  

Please read O’Neill’s letter and think about it in terms of the Times’ political activism.  We reprint the letter in full below.  Will the New York Times print it? — Jed Babbin]

Click here to read O’Neill’s letter.