What Sen. Clinton Knows But Can't Say: We're a Red, White and Blue America

I’m writing to you at a different time this week because I want this week’s “Winning the Future” to coincide with a rare opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to get past the red-versus-blue partisan bickering of the election and view our country not as the political consultants and image-makers would have us see it but as Americans see it: Not a red-versus-blue country, but a red, white and blue country.

Beginning today — right now — you can watch my presentation on what unites America at


Photo by Callista Gingrich/Gingrich Productions

This presentation — a series of six nationwide polls that asked for Americans’ attitudes, opinions, frustrations and ideas for change — reveals surprising results about how we feel about defending our nation, protecting our borders and defining our nation, among other things.

But the result that will really jump out at you is that, despite the media hype to the contrary, Americans are more united as a country than we are divided.

Red, White and Blue America Exhibit A: Immigration Policy

What does “red, white and blue America” mean?

Here’s an example, dealing with a pressing issue: immigration policy.

If you saw the Democratic presidential debate last week, you saw the frontrunner, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, struggle to say whether or not she supports the plan by New York Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer to issue driver’s licenses to immigrants here illegally.

At times, she seemed to say “yes;” other times, she seemed to say “no.”

But maybe the reason for Sen. Clinton’s waffling is that Gov. Spitzer’s plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is right up the alley of the left-wingers who control the Democratic presidential primary — but it’s way out of touch with the vast majority of Americans.

69% of Americans Believe Immigration Is ‘Seriously Headed Off the Wrong Track’

By watching the presentation at, you’ll see that a whopping 72% of Americans believe that our immigration laws are not being enforced — and we’re in no mood to close our eyes to more law breaking.

  • 69% of Americans believe that immigration this country is “seriously headed off the wrong track.”
  • A new Rasmussen poll has found that 77% of Americans oppose giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, including 88% of Republicans, 75% of Independents and 68% of Democrats.
  • 86% believe that terrorists are trying to enter the United States illegally.
  • 64% do NOT believe that being for border security first is anti-immigrant.

What America Believes About the Defense of Our Nation, God in the Public Square and Much, Much More

Defending America
Our polling shows that Americans have a “tri-partisan” (Republican, Democrat and Independent) belief in the urgent need to prevent terrorism and keep our country safe:

  • 85% of us believe it is important to “help defend America and her allies” — that includes 96% of Republicans, 85% of Independents and 78% of Democrats;
  • 85% of Democrats and 81% of Republicans and Independents are “very” or “somewhat” concerned about another terrorist attack; and
  • By a 23-point margin — 56% to 33% — Americans believe in defeating terrorists over trying to contain them.

Religion and Public Life
American Solutions has found widespread belief — 80% — that it is important to “strengthen and revitalize America’s core values.”

One of these values is faith in God, be it expressed in the privacy of our places of worship or in the public square.

By simply staggering numbers, Americans are intent on preserving freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion:

  • 90% support “a Christmas tree or Menorah being placed on public property during the holiday season;”
  • 84% support “beginning each day in Congress with a non-denominational prayer;”
  • 78% support “the Ten Commandments appearing in court houses across America;” and
  • 81% DISAPPROVE of “removing crosses and other such monuments from public parks and other public property.”

Other Findings
Our American Solutions poll found other results that might surprise you:

  • 65% of Americans — Republicans, Democrats and Independents — favor abolishing the death tax;
  • 66% of us believe that, because poor countries tend to be more polluted, we need a strong economy to protect our environment (you can read more about this in my new book, Contract with the Earth, available in hardcover and audio); and
  • 86% of Americans — 89% of Democrats, 87% of Republicans and 84% of Independents — believe it is “very important” that we address Social Security in the next few years

But don’t just take my word for it. Go to and see for yourself.

Announcing Rediscovering God in America — the Movie

Speaking of God and religion in the public square, Callista and I are ready to announce a new project we are very proud of: A new film based on my book, Rediscovering God in America: Reflections on the Role of Faith in Our Nation’s History and Future.

Produced by Citizens United Productions, the film follows Callista and me through a walking tour of Washington, D.C., monuments that show the profound impact that God and faith have had on our identity as a nation.

The stars of the film are the words of faith inscribed in our most treasured national monuments. But also featured are best-selling author Walter Isaacson, former Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese, author and former Ambassador Michael Novak, David Barton of Wallbuilders and many more, all putting into much needed perspective the legitimacy of God in America’s history and future.

You can watch a trailer for the movie and get a copy of your own at

For Callista and me, this was really a labor of love — love for a country whose deep roots in faith must be acknowledged and respected if we hope to remain one nation, under God.

Newt Gingrich

P.S. — And speaking of Washington monuments with powerful messages of faith, my daughter, Jackie Cushman, wrote this moving column about the capstone on the Washington Monument, which reads “Laus Deo” (“Praise be to God”).

P.P.S.Last week, I mentioned that Jackie and my other daughter, Kathy Lubbers, would be walking a marathon in Athens, Greece, to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. Well, the news from Athens is in, and Kathy and Jackie not only completed the walk, they did so in an impressive 7 hours and 48 minutes. Congratulations to Jackie and Kathy and everyone who competed to raise money for a good and worthy cause. And by the way, contributions to the Arthritis Foundation are still being accepted. Just click here.