Daily Kos Pimps Newly Converted Democrat

The 2007 Weblogs Awards poll opened up last week — RedState was leading in the Top 250 Blogs award category — until a post on Daily Kos urged liberal bloggers to support their party’s newest member; John Cole of

“John Cole, preeminent conservative blogger and newly converted Democratic Party Member, needs your help!” reads their post.

“Currently, the odious and unpleasantly cheetos smelling blog Red State is walloping him in the Best of the Top 250 Blogs Weblog Awards. Show your support for everyone’s favorite conservative blog artist and visit… to help bring honor and integrity back to blog-dom.”

John Cole is Kos’s favorite conservative “blog-artist” — more like — liberal “con-artist.” Cole’s blog post on Oct. 31st announcing his conversion ended with “Now send me my check from Soros and the 40 virgins.”

Don’t let this sell out win an award, there is only one day left to vote. Click here and vote for RedState.