Reagan21 Introduced Today

Today, a bicameral group of Senators and Congressman presented a positive alternative to the current majority in Congress.  Members of Reagan21 are committed to the advancement of a new and invigorated Republican Party fighting for Reagan’s principles of liberty and a 21st Century vision for America, including individual freedom, free enterprise and common-sense values.  The Partnership’s goal is to give Americans a positive choice in public policy by advancing the integrity and optimism of the Republican Party.

Senator Tom Coburn:

“At a time when Congress’ approval rating is at an all-time low, it is vital that elected officials regain the trust and confidence of the American people.  Reagan21 provides a way for members of Congress to commit themselves to a clear set of common sense principles about freedom and limited government that are not merely Republican values, but American values.”

Senator Jim DeMint Statement:

“The Republican Party is about big, inspiring ideas that expand freedom and prosperity for all Americans. Reagan21 is a forum for Republicans who are willing to champion innovative reforms and commit to the principles that ignited the Reagan revolution.”

Representative Paul Ryan:

“We’re working to ignite a Reagan revolution for the 21st Century and build a coalition to bring forward new ideas that confront America’s challenges and turn them into opportunities.  We will pursue solutions grounded in freedom that help unleash the positive potential of every American.”

Representative John Shadegg:

“Americans are desperate for leadership in Washington that will stand up to the radical leftist agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Reagan 21 is an organization dedicated to articulating and fighting aggressively for freedom Integrity, Principle, and Freedom and every American who shares those values is welcome to join this effort.”

Representative Jeb Hensarling:

“The challenges of the 21st Century are unique; the solutions to those challenges are not.  Reagan21 will offer a new vision for Americans based upon on the core principles of freedom, opportunity and security.  I’m proud to be associated with this group will work to communicate our vision to Americans who are looking for change in Washington.  I’m proud to be a part of a group that will go on earmarks where no other group has gone before.”

Representative Tom Price:

“Restoring integrity and common-sense to Congress, Reagan21 will provide hope for the future as we work to invigorate America in a call to action. We will lead by example in support of strategies and policies that will allow our nation to lead and succeed in the 21st Century.”

Representative John Campbell:

“Americans are crying out for leadership with courage, principle, and integrity.  The members of Reagan 21 will provide that leadership.”