Phillips Foundation Fellowship Offers Great Opportunity

The Phillips Foundation is now offering $25,000, $50,000 and $75,000 to applicants chosen for the 2008 Phillips Foundation Journalism Fellowship Program. The program has now opened to print and online journalists with less than 10 years of experience who will pursue yearlong projects that advance the Foundation’s core purposes of democracy, constitutionalism and the free market.

Successful applicants select their own journalism projects, which must be in compliance with the principles of a free society and positive advancement of American culture. Projects must be original ideas with the possibility of being published. Projects from fellows last year ranged in topic from global warming to 9/11 conspiracy theories to biotechnology in the family.

Winning projects may be turned into a periodical or book after they are delivered in a four-installment plan. Writing and payment will coincide and a portion of funds are set aside for travel expenses as well. This prominent fellowship relies on three Phillips Foundation judges including Chairman of Eagle Publishing, Inc. Thomas L. Phillips, Syndicated Columnist Robert Novak and The American Spectator Publisher Alfred S. Regnery.

Several more specified fellowships exist as well: The Environmental  Fellowship must be a free market look at environmental issues, The Shelby Cullom Davis Fellowship focuses on the impact of free enterprise on society, and The Law Enforcement  Fellowship highlights law enforcements issues in the United States.

The Fellowships program launched in1994 in effort to advance the Foundation’s conservative ideals and assist up and coming young journalists. Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation and provide up to three samples of work that exhibit writing skills and commitment the principles of a free society and free market.

Interested parties must be United States citizens and submit applications no later than March 1, 2008. Winners will be announced at a National Press Club awards dinner in May. Click here for the 2008 application.


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