Dems to Work Ethic: Drop Dead!

Idiocy is draining.

Congressional Democrats just announced that beginning in mid-January, they’re shortening their work week to just four days.  TGIF!  I’m sure this is going over very well with all of those overwhelmed single working moms and double-shift factory workers the Democrats are so fond of featuring in their campaign ads.

After taking the majority last year and promising to put Congress “back to work,” it’s occurred to Democrats that if they fail four days a week instead of five, the voters may not notice.

Explaining the Beavis and Butthead-like slacking, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that he intends “to have more time for members to work in their districts and to be close to their families.”

Nothing says “I’m ducking responsibility” more than the telltale “I want to spend more time with my family.”

With ten months in the majority, the Democrats have failed to force a withdrawal from Iraq, could not override the president’s veto of the expansion of the SCHIP entitlement, backed down from an effort to torpedo the war by condemning of Turkey for a 100 year old genocide, don’t even bother to approve annual budget bills, cannot deal with the confirmation process for the nominee to be Attorney General, and wasted a day “condemning” Rush Limbaugh.

No wonder they need a breather.

The latest Reuters/Zogby poll puts the Democrat-led Congress at an anemic 11 percent approval rating.  That’s eleven points away from zero.

This means that although most of the media’s attention has been on the president’s lowly approval rating (24 percent, according to Reuters/Zogby), the electorate is even more frustrated with the way the Democrats are running the legislature.  They haven’t been able to get any part of their main agenda through, most importantly (for them) on Iraq.  And the voters who installed them in control last November to force the president’s hand are pulling their hair out. 

In that 11 percent approval number is something else, something very telling about the treasonous nature of the Democrats’ agenda.  Now that things are improving significantly in Iraq, many Democratic voters are steamed because the Democrats didn’t force a pull out BEFORE things started to turn around. In other words, what’s good for the country is bad for them.  Also in other words, the Democrats blew their chance to capitalize on America’s failure in Iraq — before it began to turn into even a modest success.

Faced with their own collapse, Democrats have taken the utterly original tack of blaming Republicans.  Last week, Senator Byron Dorgan said, “The fact is it’s been hard.  The Republicans have been objecting even to motions to proceed of even going to appropriations bills, so it’s not been an easy time for us.”

I guess the Democrats have the wuss vote locked up!  Recall:  when the Democrats were in the minority, it was always the majority’s fault they couldn’t get anything done.  Now that they’re in the majority, it’s STILL the Republicans’ fault. 

Can’t take responsibility for their own ineptitude.  Won’t take responsibility for the fact that their ideas are so bad they can’t even eke out enough support for anything beyond naming a post office.

Completing the cycle of whine, the Democrats also now complain that the hectic five-day-a-week pace has even been done without so much as a pay raise or cost-of-living increase.  This, they suggest, has all the trademarks of indentured servitude.

Their desperation has also driven greater extremism.  Both HBO’s Bill Maher and former president Bill Clinton have been shouted down over the past two weeks by “hecklers” claiming “9-11 was an inside job.”  (Watching the left reap what it’s sown has never been more fun!)

During the California wildfires, liberals chirped that somehow, the blazes must be Bush’s fault.  The fires are spreading because our troops are tied up in Iraq!  They got started in the first place because of global warming!  His trip to the area was a mere photo op!

Having put so many eggs in the Bush-failed-on-Katrina basket, they were searching desperately for something with which to tar him — despite all agencies having coordinated and worked well, food, water, and medical attention distributed well, and evacuation shelters like San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium run efficiently and safely.

The only issue?  Six illegal immigrants were arrested at the stadium for trying to steal food and water.  If the president’s liberal critics are looking for something to attack in this crisis, may I suggest illegal immigration?

The liberals cannot afford to lose Katrina as the most-recent-memory of Bush administration ineptitude.  To have it replaced with California-wildfire competence is a big political loss for them.  Ergo, their crazy statements and yet another sign the Democrats are folding in on themselves.  No wonder they want to check out.

It’s amusing that as the French move toward a 40 hour work week, the Congressional Democrats are embracing the Mitterand work ethic.  But given the destructiveness of their agenda, it’s better that the Democrats NOT work that hard.  In fact, the optimal Democratic schedule is a one-day work week. That way, we can have all of the comic relief with none of the policy nightmares.