Bomb-Throwers? Just Buffoons

Pete Stark, the crazy-aunt-in-the attic Democrat from California whose spew against the war and the President this past week set a new low for traitorous public pronouncements, really adds nothing new to the diagnosis of Bush Derangement Syndrome.  He is only the most recent Murtha wannabe/Reid wannabe/Pelosi…geez, the list is endless; and his outrageous invective accusing W of taking pleasure from the death of American troops only serves to reinforce just how lost the Democrats have become.  Looking back over the year of bilious blather emanating from their ilk, it appears there is more to this foul soup than just another — and another — race to the public microphone by that gaggle of pea-brained folk.  There is just too much consistency and too little coincidence in their various utterances.

When a man or woman who occupies public office speaks out, particularly in their own forum, the timing, content and even the dress code are not accidental.  (Just think of the level of spontaneity we see in Hillary Clinton. Compared to her, a space shuttle launch is a potluck dinner). We learned long ago that in Washington, every expression on the floor of either House, no matter how extemporaneous or impassioned it may appear, is the result of careful calculus and very intentional execution.  So we are left to wonder at the architecture, the logic — hell, the point behind such remarkable moments as Senate Majority Leader Reid’s famous declaration of defeat, or ex-marine Congressman Jack Murtha’s scandalous indictment of our leadership and even our troops, and a whole litany of other equally odious statements in the seat of our government.  Nobody’s that stupid, my friends; well at least not many are. So what’s up with all the poison in time of war?

Try this one on for a moment.  When we see a nut job like Pete Stark setting a new low point, imagine not the real guy standing at the microphone, but instead a plastic-headed puppet whose body is a limp and empty suit into which has been shoved the hand of the real culprit and puppeteer.  It is no longer the Congressman slandering his country but the ventriloquist/puppet operator; George Soros, Alec Baldwin, or the grand buffoon of them all, Michael Moore are behind these sordid scenes, mouthing the words, thinking the thoughts and most of all, spending the money.  

Ah yes, the money, my friends; that green manure without which none of these philosopher-kings can stay in their cushy jobs, without which none can enjoy the emoluments of office and privilege, and without which someone else gets all the goodies.  Turns out that what used to be a political party with centrists in place and a powerful struggle ongoing between populism and Marxian Socialism, is no more.  Struggle finished, game over, Marx has won.  And because they have achieved such a sweeping victory and done so with such an overwhelming amen chorus of of media outlets, academics and rabid fringe group support, no one can hope to remain afloat in that cesspool without at least periodically doing their bidding.

Just think for a minute about some of the more ridiculous things these mopes have said over the last year, and said in the face of overwhelming proof that what they were saying was either a huge boon to the enemy or at least patently wrong.  No matter that many of them believe it, regular and consistent worship at the “We hate America” altar is required for anyone to advance in Democrat politics.  What this means is that the next election, more than any before, will truly be a contest between Republicans who, however disorganized and even misguided, still see America as grand and worth protecting, and a Democrat party that is now thoroughly controlled by the lunatic fringe.  And that, my friends, is what has become of the two-party process, bomb-throwers maybe, but buffoons all.  Sure hope they fail, money and all, as the consequences of being governed by this bunch of kakistocrats will be ugly indeed.